So I think we're going with the behavior classroom

Discussion in 'Special Ed 101' started by starcloaked, Oct 1, 2007.

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    My son has been through a rough time starting kindergarten, largely due to the school not providing any support for the transition. The school has been trying to get him out since day 2, and we've been fighting to get them to make it work. It's taking a toll on all of us, and I think we've made a decision.

    I think we're going to do what they want--move to the substantially separate classroom at a different school. The principal in that building totally gets that we're there to accommodate the local school's disability in dealing with special needs kids, not just for my kid's disability. The classroom is mellow and quiet and respectful, and the teacher is a real advocate and champion for her kids.

    I'm done letting my little guy struggle through a maze of intransigent grownups, and this other classroom looks great. Most of the other kids don't have anyone advocating for them (many are in the foster system), so I feel like we can make a real difference by getting services from the district for the classroom. We had great success in the preschool classroom when there were appropriate supports, and I'm hoping we'll once again see him thrive in a place where he's supported and valued. I need a little more information about the use of restraint (they said rare to none but I want specifics, though from what I saw it was believable).

    I'm a little worried that we're buying a bill of goods, but it sounds like it's going to work and we need him to have some hope--and we need some hope too. Just a few grownups who want to make it work is all he really needs.

    Now I have to make sure he comes with a 1:1 still on his grid, goals that are written to put him on the fast track to full inclusion, and an aide on the bus. Because they really want to make this work (and they know I'd get compensatory services in a heartbeat if I took them to a hearing with my documentation), hopefully they'll jump to make it work.

    Wish me luck...round three of the IEP...

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    The class sounds like it has a lot of potential. Willing participants makes a huge difference also.

    Good luck!
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    It sounds good to me. With a child this young, the politics of LRE and full inclusion are not where the action's what is the immediate environment like, specifically the teacher and aides.

    My ex-difficult child HATED his first grade teacher. I should have gotten him out and I didn't. I think you are making a smart move.