So Much For difficult child "Getting It"

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Bunny, Feb 1, 2013.

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    I posted the other day about difficult child really getting it when the therapist told him that when he raises a fist to go after his brother he will always be wrong in my eyes, even if he was right about whatever they were arguing about. I was really proud of him. He really seemed to be doing well this week.

    Then this afternoon rolls around. The two kids were playing and seemed to be doing really well why they had a misunderstanding over what they were going to play. difficult child says he said one thing. easy child says no, he didn't. difficult child gets all worked up because easy child won't just say that difficult child was right. I was in the room and I could hear and see how this was escalating, so I jumped between the two of them whe difficult child goes to take a swing at him. I grabbed a hold of him. difficult child is fighting to get away from me and beat the tar out of his brother. easy child bumps into the snack table that is next to the couch and my drink goes flying all over the carpet.

    I tell easy child to go up to his room. He runs out of the room and difficult child is still trying to go after him. He finally tells me that I can let him go and he won't do anything. He goes to get the roll of paper towels to clean up the mess, when he turns on me. He threw the roll at me, screaming at the mess was all my fault because if I had just let him beat his brother the drink never would have spilled, calling me every name in the book. So, while I was cleaning up the spill a story came on CNN that I had actually been waiting to see, so I stopped what I was doing to listen to it. He starts screaming at me that I should not be watching t.v., that I should be cleaning up the mess and he turns off the cable box. I turned it back on, and got to listen to part of the story, but he was screaming all kinds of obscenities at me about how I should be cleaning the mess and not care about what is on the television.

    He finally announces that he's going down in the basement and that he's sorry for calling me all kinds of names. I told him that just because he says he's sorry doesn't mean that I actually have to forgive him.

    Seriously, I don't like difficult child right now.
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    Geeee, I have no idea what you mean!

    Well, at least you got a little break....and each time they learn it builds on old information so it is never all the way back to zero.

    He sounds so ASDish sometimes.....

    (by the way, Q is about to find out for sure he has no money for his Integrated Listening Systems (ILS), I refuse to get into it. I told him last night and when he keeps asking I just say I wont discuss this again. we will see..... I still think an island for your difficult child, mine, Terry's and a few others here sounds like a nice idea.)
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    Bunny... it's Friday Afternoon.
    Killer week at school, and the transition into the weekend.
    That doesn't mean he doesn't get it... it just means that today's overload did an override... been there done that.
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    Personally, I vote for the nice island for US and leaving these difficult children here to suffer in the cold weather with people who will never take care of them the way that a mom does.

    ICD, he always seems to have bad afternoons on Fridays, probably for the same reasons you wrote. Decompressing from a hard week (remember, he's in all honors classes where a lot is expected of him), the schedule is a lot more relaxed. You know the drill.

    Then, about 90 minutes after he blew up I was sitting in the den and I was letting easy child play on my computer and difficult child comes in and asks if I'm still cooking dinner. I said yes. Why would I not? So he asks if I need his help. I told him no. The he asks why I'm upset because I look unhappy. I just walked away from him. Honestly, I don't know how I would have answered that question without throttling him.

    He took his medications, just got out of the shower, and went up to his room. Tomorrow is another day, right?
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    Tomorrow is another day.
    And then... review what happened, with difficult child. And see if you can problem solve. What's a better way to handle the transition of Friday Afternoons?