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    difficult child has been turned down by one program in upstate NY because they do not have the facilities and staff to deal with-his issues.
    Boys Town won't work unless we give custody to the state, and he can be placed by a judge, but our court case is weeks away.
    I've been on the phone a lot with-a group I was referred to by the NY group, and this group has a lot more counselors, therapists and psychiatrists, and they also do more testing and it is also a wilderness program. (Also, extremely expensive.)
    The guy called me yesterday with-a bunch of questions, in particular about difficult child's violent episodes, where he hit me (face, arms, etc) and how long it's been since that happened.
    He called back today and said, "I'm sorry, but difficult child has been denied entrance into our program because of his Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD)."
    But he called it "Radical" instead of "Reactive."
    I said, "But he was adopted when he was two days old, and I wanted to look into that aspect, but he hasn't been diagnosis'd that way. Which dr made the diagnosis?"
    He started shuffling papers, and couldn't find it, so said he would call me back.
    In the meantime, I'm thinking, OMG, a dr put this diagnosis down in writing and didn't tell us? I've been barking up the tree all these yrs? A tiny bit of Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD), sure, but not THAT much ..."
    He called back 5 min. later and said, "Sorry. Wrong file. We're still working on your son's file."

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    Groooooaaannnnnn... OMG. I'm hoping this guy just made one ugly mistake and gets his act together...
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    Yup. been there done that. so has... DF and who knows how many others.
    They don't really realize that they are dealing with REAL PEOPLE here... we're not "a file"...

    sending... calm, if it makes it over the wind-blown lines...
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    Oh good grief. Doesn't sound like he knows the right terminology anyway. I hope this is just a paper shuffler / entrance person sounds like a good option (so far ).