SO proud of difficult child 1 today....

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    difficult child 1 has been talking for the past couple weeks about going on a trip with his Boy Scout troop to someplace they can do laser tag, bowl, and play arcade games. I have been telling him that we might not be able to afford for him to go. Well, the trip is tomorrow morning (Saturday). He said something this morning about going. I told him there is absolutely no way I can afford to pay for it. He started getting mad but almost immediately went up to his room without being told to. He came down a couple times to say things to me but went right back up. After about an hour, he came down, calm, and told me that his Big Brother is doing something and had asked him to go with. difficult child 1 asked if he could call BB to see if he could still go. I gave him my permission, he called & was told yes, and had a WONDERFUL day.

    It took the first half hour to sink in that what he'd been planning wasn't going to happen and then to recall something that he'd had to turn down but was now able to do. He problem-solved!!!

    All without ANY screaming and only minimal "inappropriate comments"......but with many tears. But hey, HE did it!!! Can anyone say "YIIIIIPPPPPPPEEEEEEE"?

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    YAY! So happy for you both.

    I think we tend to forget (I know I do) that getting angry or upset about things is NORMAL. So nice seeing a 'normal' reaction!
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    Although it turned out well for difficult child, maybe next time you could approach his scout leaders about your situation. I have been in scouting almost 15 years and most troops have scholarship funds to help pay dues, camp fees and other costs for boys whose families can't afford it. Our rule is full scholarship when the family gets free lunch at school and half where they have reduced lunch. We use this qualifier because it is fair. However, sometimes a family has a financial issue (lost job, extended illness) and a one time grant can be given. Only the parents on the committee know who is on scholarship and we are not allowed to discuss it with anyone else. I apologize if you have already been down this route.
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    OMG, I am SO PROUD OF HIM!!!!!

    How wonderful! Give him a huge hug from me!!!
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    OH wow, so so proud of him. I did get some help too when Q was in boy scouts. In your case the lunch thing wouldn't work because you home school but for these one time things on a case by case basis... I just shot an email to the contact and they took care of it. It was a little embarrassing but he didn't have to miss out. It is a bummer in this kind of thing because they pretty much need some cash and kids compare who has what. It really is a big deal that he figured out something better to do. Not sure many typical teen kids would have done that well.