So proud of difficult child

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    It is hard to find proud moments, but when you do I feel like I am gleeming.

    School is always an issue. Many, many arguments.

    Finals were Tuesday and Wednesday. Tuesday's finals were for engineering and this Learning stratagies class. He had no problems with that.

    Wednesday was Algebra and Honors biotech. He got an A on the Algebra. He ACED it!! And the biotech is so extremely hard. I made him look up every question on the review. (14 pages)We studied everynight this past week. (he and dad) I made dad do it. Teacher emailed me. Said because difficult child looked up and wrote down all the answers for the review (not required)she would give him two extra points on the final. She said the class average was C (extremely hard honors class) difficult child got a B.:D He cried real tears he was so relieved. He said it was like taking every test he ever took and multiply that by 10. He worked SO hard in that class. I asked him if he was proud of himself. He beamed with pride. sigh of relief here.

    Today and tomorrow they are taking ACT's. (pre act's..9th grade)

    Nothing like testing them all in the same week.

    He was sick two days two weeks ago, then only three day school week last week. So he missed a lot. (block schedule) He went in early and stayed late all last week.

    He said he wants to be an ER doctor. LOL....he has issues with death. But for now, he can be the ER doctor.

    Looking like he will make the honor roll.:D:D:D:D:D:D

    He has his days at school. Hating it, wanting out of that school. Especially when he found out it was a college prep high school.
    But I over hear him talk about it. He says he really likes the school. (notice he did NOT say he likes school)
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    Very good! :thumbsup:
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    That is great news! Shows what an intellegent young man you have there!

    Around here, the kids can take the PSATs in 9th and 10th as standard rule (some on an advanced IB trac take them in 8th), but no word on when they will standardly add the PACTs. My easy child said the she thought the ACTs were harder than the SATs. The ACTs are really more like the standard testing we all remember from elementary school - cross range of subjects. I think it's probably a more accurate reading on a student's standing than the SATs - especially given that they have you do the writing section first and very few colleges and universities even require it. The ACT folks are smarter because you can opt to take their testing with or without the writing section.

    Again, great news for difficult child. I think he's earned a carrot, what will it be?

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    Good for your guy! It seems that our difficult child's get so much grief in their lives, that it is really monumental when they excel and reap the rewards isn't it?
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    Whoohoo!:) Congrats to difficult child!:bravo:
  6. Congratulations to difficult child, his parents, and his teachers!!!
    This is truly wonderful news and I know that you all are very proud...
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    Way To Go! That is great!
    I hope he is as happy as you are! :)
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    Yea!!! That's awesome!!!
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    You have every right to be gleeming with pride. That is AWESOME!!!! I am glad the teacher offered him the extra 2 points for doing all of the review. Maybe it will reinforce the need to do the reviews in the future.

    Being an ER doctor is a great goal! It certainly sets a high bar for him.

    as for the ACTs, if at ALL possible have him use one of the books and software programs to do reviews this summer for the ACTs and PSAT and SAT. He can get MAJOR $$$$$ for doing well on those. Scholarship $$. I made national merit finalist and got over $15K in tuition free every SEMESTER for the first 3 years of college. I was too young to appreciate it, and had too many health problems that interfered, but it sure helped to give me a great learning and growing experience. The first time I took the SAT my scores were OK, but not stellar. I did an SAT review with one of the books you get at the bookstore and my score came up over 150 points. It was the difference between finalist and semifinalist for me.

    If the school doesn't do it, working with him on good test taking strategies is an excellent thing. I have some info I can dig up if you want me to PM it to you.

    You have one SMART kid there. Tell him that his Board Aunties are PROUD of him!
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    Very Very Good to difficult child! This really is a biggie! Way To Go difficult child!

    If he has a problem with death he will do everything possible to avoid it, he can be my ER doctor anytime!