So proud of difficult child

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    There are still issues with difficult child but at 18, he is a lot better than I had expected when I initially joined this board (he was in K then). He doesn't do drugs, doesn't drink and actually hangs out with very nice kids, who he allows into our home. He didn't graduate HS on time, despite being a Merit Scholarship commended student and an AP Scholar with Distinction, but he did graduate over the summer. He's not in college but he is planning a trip to Europe with his own money and is thinking about college.

    However, I am SO proud of him. Despite being run out of the scout troop he had loved for 5 years by 3 difficult child adult leaders) he persevered in another group and just earned his Eagle Scout rank. Two of those adult leaders were present that night (they had conspired to toss the third one and his son out last year) and they raised a fuss. They demanded that the review board be told why difficult child was thrown out of the troop (he wasn't, I pulled him out). Another former leader of that troop sponsored difficult child for the review board and he told them that difficult child left his former troop because the leaders couldn't deal with the fact that they asked difficult child a question and he answered it honestly. At the end, difficult child earned his rank and the review board said that he was well prepared and thoughtful. They were also impressed with his proposed 13th scout law - "A scout is curious."

    I now get to plan a party - YAY!
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    :bravo: Great job difficult child!
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    Great job!
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    Ooooh, very good! And he is learning to stand up for himself. Bravo!
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    You have every right to be proud. Enjoy the party! DDD
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    Thank you for sharing!! This made my day!