So proud of easy child this weekend


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17 year old easy child's *wife* left for college last weekend. She's a lovely, highly intelligent girl, but one that has been subtly controlling of my son for the last 3 years. I could go into detail, but she controlled every minute of his life. We tried so many things to 'lesson' the relationship, but she seemed to always one-up us. I wouldn't have minded so much, but easy child son seemed unable to pull away...but wanted to.

So, much to our surprise, my son actually had FRIENDS over this last weekend. :smile: He has not had guy friends since he met her. In fact, there were 12...yes, 12 of them. husband and I sat with our jaws on the floor.

Finally, about 11pm, he said, " you guys think you could go somewhere else?" We about broke the door down getting out. We were so thrilled to see him have a normal teen friendship thing going. These are GOOD kids who don't get into drugs, etc. Four of them ended up staying the night. (You should have seen my house the next boxes, soda cans, videos, every game system known to mankind.)

They got up the next morning and ALL pitched in cleaning the house without me asking. I was now amazed for the 2nd time in 24 hours. They cleaned the entire house, toilets and all. :rofl:

I told him on Monday how happy I was to see him having a good time. He said, "Yeah...guess I wasn't keeping things in balance."

Fingers crossed that this continues.



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How wonderful for him Abbey. Sounds very healthy to me. Is she really his wife or is she just acting like one and a bad one at that. Maybe he'll get lucky and with a little time the shine will go off the relationship and he'll move on. He is young.

Glad to hear he had a good time.



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Wow! Those are jaw dropping moments! Good for him! Good for you! I am glad you had that experience!

:dance: :wink: :smile:

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Now hopefully easy child will get plenty of practice keeping things in "balance" while girlfriend is away, and won't put up with her controling issues anymore.


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They cleaned the house? :faint:

It sounds like a fun evening. I hope this is a preview of a great year ahead for easy child.