So sad ...teen convicted & sentenced to 6 yrs & parents just learned he's Aspie

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by TerryJ2, Feb 7, 2012.

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    I saw it on a post in a FB Asperger's page. :( The parents will probably appeal. I told them there is a way to indicate that new information has come to light. Not sure what the legal terminology is.
    The prosecution claimed that he showed no remorse. That's because he didn't "get it."

    Someone suggested, too late, that he had Asperger's and I'm not sure of all the details, but it was too close to the end of the line to do anything about it.

    What a way to learn your son is an Aspie.

    I don't know this woman personally but I wrote her a note. :sigh:
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    Isn't that so sad? I always get mn brain injury assn. news letters. they were doing a grass roots thing to help a kid who has been sentenced to many years. The story I dont remember entirely but it was clear there was NO WAY this extremely cognitively delayed kid would have confessed etc. he didn't have anyone to advocate for him at the time. Just amazing the statistics on the numbers of kids with special needs (and adults) that are in prison. Heaven forbid they have special needs AND be kids of color.... sigh
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    Basically we have run into similar problems with both difficult child's. difficult child#2 was put on probation for a poor choice he made at school. Department of Juvenile Justice understood he was an Aspie and didn't even complete the whole interview process. The school Dean, however, pressed it to "teach him" that he had to follow the same rules as those with-o a disability. Ugh. difficult child#1 was eighteen and a few months out from brain surgery. The State's Attorneys office told him "if you sign here admitting you had some pills in your unoccupied car you can go home instead of going to jail". I did everything I could to rescind it, had three medical experts etc. The State would not back down and as a result he is a convicted felon. Sigh!

    The whole system is tragic...especially for those with a vulnerability. I wish those parents luck but I wouldn't bet on them getting justice. Terribly sad. DDD
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    Oh, my, DDD!

    What's with-the State Atty's ofc? They're just too used to seeing real criminals.

    Process this one, go onto the next one.