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    I hope this works. a sad story of a 10 yr old near chicago;JSESSIONID=0EC5A071232791363EC6.543?view=breakingnews_article&feed:a=chi_trib_1min&feed:c=latest_breaking_news&feed:i=C7B61195669F70BD7C997C424FD517FD
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    I couldn't get it to open...maybe some wiser than me can help??

    by the way- how are you doing??
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    Yes, it is very sad. Unfortunately, I'm not too surprised.
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    thank you yes that's the story altho worded differently.....ive been following the story since they first found him & couldn't sleep woorying & heartbroken when news broke that he died. then more sad to hear it labeled suicide. klmno - I'm good thankyou. easy child is prepareing for labor - was husband birthday.......we had a nice small 'party' -me our kids & easy child boyfriend. husband was coherant & appropriate & even pleasant & fun. it is still way too cold out tho. lol. but this boy....cast a pall over us today. me & son were with a family of a very young boy at ron mc don house who own difficult child attempted suicide first time at 8. it is so sad....& always there as a huge fear w husband & difficult child for me. I am so so sad.
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    This is terribly sad. I am suspicious of it being suicide. How would a child get himself up on the hook on the back of hte stall door? I do think they need to investigate bullies, Just in my opinion.

    I am also very sensitive to children committing suicide. Wiz was 7 when he first made a serious suicide attempt. His was due to bullying by TEACHERS. We take ANY mention of suicide VERY VERY seriously.

    Dreamer, I am sorry you live with the worry of suicide also.