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    Today Eeyore was suppose to stay after school for a class-related extra curricular activity and then to study with someone. The teacher called; Eeyore never showed for the class activity and when he finally answered his phone he just growled at me that he was 'with friends'. husband picked him up and read him the riot act on the way home. I am sick so husband and I had already decided that Eeyore would have to go with him on his errands tonight because I was not up to managing him. Eeyore threatened to stab us with a hair pick he was holding (but made no move to get out of his chair). He finally put it down and went with husband.

    I'd like to psychiatric hospital him IF I could get him into psychiatric hospital A or B; but since psychiatric hospital C and D have 100s of beds compared to less than 20 each at A & B, the chances aren't very good that I could get him into A or B and once he passes screening to be admitted, it becomes an involuntary admit and I'd lose control of the choice.

    I called his psychiatrist early today and her advice was to try relaxation exercises with him. Ugh.

    He told me that I'm full of s... if I think a teenager is going to listen to his parents. I told him he was full of it if he thought a disobidient teenager wasn't getting punished.
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    :rofl: Sorry, that is all I can muster right now.
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    And yes, a teenager is going to say that.
    Actually, I had him one-upped back in the day. I "always" listened... just never DID what they wanted! And then they'd try and tell me that I didn't listen? Of course I listened. Otherwise, I couldn't have told them exactly what they said!
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    OMG, you certainly have an interesting relationship with-your psychiatrist!
    Relaxation exercises?
    Yes, difficult child should relax. In his room. Alone. With no phone.
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    Terry, I think Eeyore is the one who made the last statement about teenagers not listening... not the psychiatrist!

    We went through similar backtalk with difficult child 1 about a year ago. In hindsight, some of it was the age, and a lot of it was his mental state due to wrong medications and concurrent health problems that left him feeling lousy most of the time.

    Sounds like Eeyore is due for a reigning in until he can show you he's ready to get with the program. Do to get, that sort of thing.

    Hope you feel better soon JJJ!