So sick of the high school drama...and no I'm not talking about my students.

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    So I have this coworker, who is sorta like my supervisor. Normally we get along great. We are involved in each other's lives and have even met after work for happy hour a couple of times. She is the sweetest thing on this planet until you do something to **** her off. Then all hell breaks loose. I have been given the silent treatment for days and sometimes even weeks in the past when she has gotten mad at me for stupid reasons. The latest reason for her silent treatment? She says I gave her pink eye.

    One day last week I came to work and she noticed my eye was red. I didn't notice anything in the morning, but when looked in the mirror, I too noticed that it was bloodshot red. My coworker told me she hoped it wasn't pink eye. Honestly I didn't think anything of it because when I have gotten pink eye in the past, it has always been accompanied by a thick green discharge and when I wake up in the morning, my eye is crusted shut. I wear contacts, so I told my coworker that it was probably just my lens that was bothering me, because my eyes didn't burn or hurt. We left it at that.

    The next day, I get the school nurse coming up to me telling me she overheard that I have pink eye. Then she asked me what my symptoms were. I told her that other than having a red eye, I had no other symptoms. She specifically asked me if I had any discharge or drainage from the eye, to which I answered no. I told her that I wear contacts, and she then told me that sometimes contacts can cause a build up of protein and that can make the eye appear red. She even told me about a specific contact solution I could buy if my red eye persisted. She also told me that as long as I wasn't having any discharge from the eye, that I was probably okay.

    The next day, my coworker comes back from lunch in a huff and yells at me telling me I gave her pink eye. Then she went to the nurse's office to show the nurse. A few minutes later, the nurse comes by and tells me that I have caused an outbreak of pink eye. I was told I needed to go home and that I would not be allowed back into work without a doctor's note. As soon as I got home, my coworker texts me telling me how much it cost her total for the doctor visit as well as the eye drops. I explained to her that I had already talked to the nurse the day before, and that the nurse told me it was probably just my contacts. She then texted me back saying that she had already disussed this with the nurse, and that the nurse told her I was a liar. She completely denied having told me it was my contact lens that was probably the issue. Then my coworker stated that the nurse said I was argumentative with her!

    I texted my coworker back and told her that I was far from argumentative and I am not a liar and refused to be called one. Her response to me was, "Your contacts are not the issue here and I don't want to talk anymore about it." So now all this week I am being given the silent treatment. We sit literally a few feet away from each other and she is refusing to talk to me. She does not say good morning nor does she say goodbye when she leaves (she leaves a half hour before I do.)

    I hate it when she does this. I never know how long it is going to. The last time she got mad at me, when I gave the cat up for adoption and blamed me for him being put to sleep, she gave me the silent treatment for a month! She then deleted me and blocked me from Facebook. I have no idea how long she is gonna drag this one out. Probably till the end of the year. Our last day before summer vacation is the 29th. I wouldn't put it past to her go all summer long without speaking to me at all. This could possibly go on till the next school year. I hate it when she gets like this because I get so stressed out and I get anxiety attacks when she treats me like this. I swear my high school students are more mature than her. I don't know how much longer I can take working with someone like her. I love my job and she is the only one who ruins it for me. I wish she would just grow up!
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    Look at it this way, if she isn't talking to you, you can't get into any more trouble. One of the reasons I love working with preschoolers is that I have a chance at improving their behaviors. Adults, not so much. Keep on enjoying your job and don't allow this one immature woman to ruin it for you.

    Next year, I'd be inclined to have itchy eyes a LOT. In case you haven't realized this, this woman is not a good friend. And pinkeye happens. At least you didn't give her head lice.
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    THAT is a matter of opinion... I've had cases of pink-eye that would NOT respond to antibiotics and lasted for months and months... I'd just as soon have head lice!

    Lets see... what else could you have given her? (besides the cold shoulder, which maybe is what she "should" be getting...)
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    Makes me wonder if she gets mad at family members who give her colds too. Seriously. She acted like I did it on purpose.
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    The best thing for you to do now is to be super HAPPY!:flirtysmile3: It will tick her off all the more. Your happiness does not depend on her talking to you. :sochildish:
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    Since she always does this, stop taking it so personally. I would not be surprised if she did this with everyone in her life.

    If she's not talking to you, at least you know she's not able to start another stupid, useless argument with you. Enjoy the peace and quiet. :)
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    She sounds like a lunatic. She's not talking to you? Good. She'll be your friend in a month or so, when your "punishment" is over? You don't need anyone in your life like this. I agree about being super happy around her, she will hate it.

    Can you imagine blaming another person for your "pink eye"? Maybe she didn't even have pink eye, she just said she did and wanted to create some drama, she sounds like a nut and someone who might do that. Very strange about the facebook thing.
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    i think you should bring yourself a little bouquet of flowers with you tomorrow morning to put on your desk and just keep humming under your breath all day long like you are extremely happy. Take little whiffs from the flowers when you know she is looking. You get the picture.
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    I agree that you owe it to yourself and your sanity to drop this woman and her "friendship". When and if she starts warming up to you again, be polite but resist her overtures. That is what I'd do, anyway!