So Star, was that you ...

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  1. donna723

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    ... that bought that winning Power Ball ticket? If I heard that right on the TV news, someone from your town bought the winning ticket?

    If that was you, while you're making the rounds of those Rodeo Drive shops and Tiffanys, the rest of us can all brag that we knew you 'way back when'!
  2. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    If it is Star, I think we should help her spend it! Any ideas?

    Let's start with a celebration meal - a large one with all the courses. Or maybe an awesome bruch tomorrow morning and on to other ideas?
  3. Star*

    Star* call 911


    Here's the weird thing - We buy 2 tickets every week. $1.00 per dream and $2 bucks for a LOT of conversations ;)

    LAST week - my ticket had THREE of the same numbers :surprise: it was sitting on the coffee table and I was SURE we were going to win ;)

    When they called the numbers - I grabbed the ticket and looked - and as the numbers were called - well of course by the time they got to the fourth number I could hardly hear myself think - my heart was pounding so hard I handed the ticket to DF while I had to calm my leg from shaking :faint: and I could not literally hear (hearing blood rush through my ears)

    Then DF shook me and said HONEY. (louder) HONEY (LOUDER) HONEY almost a yell - HONEY!!!!! THIS IS LAST WEEKS TICKET. :sick:

    This weeks tickets I changed the combination of the numbers and had the numbers but in the wrong sequence - lol......:ashamed:

    No.....not rich......ugh....poor in pocket, rich in spirit. As usual. :tongue:

    For 295.5 million - after taxes etc. the winner takes home 88.0 million in one lump sum. I could have lived with THAT. :redface:
  4. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    Oh bummer! :(