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    put difficult child on Homebound Instruction for the remainder of the school year (5 1/2 wks) for his extreme depression caused by the extreme stress at school, meaning principal. He put him on an antidepressant to get things moving back in the right direction.

    If difficult child wasn't a perfect little angel, he would get sent home and me being told every time "I just don't think we can meet difficult child"s needs here. I just want him to get the help he needs." What help is there for Asperger's that a school can't provide? Is there a cure for Asperger's that no one but him knows about?

    I requested mediation (advice of advocate) because of all the "disciplinary" actions by the principal for every little thing. We were scheduled for that for yesterday. Before the date was set, the school added "Placement" to the list of things to be mediated as well as a facilitated IEP. So I got the notice that the mediation would start at 8:00 and then the rest of the IEP team would join us at 10:30 to do the IEP with the possibility of returning to the mediation after that. Well, we spent 2 1/2 hours doing introductions, going over the rules of mediation, and getting our sides on the table (me-discipline; principal-placement at a behavioral school). Then we spent 6 hours hammering out a homebound IEP since that was new as of Tuesday. They spent over an hour trying to develop a "Behavior Plan" for the homebound. Talk about a major waste of time! He's at home for God's sake! I don't see the behaviors at home that they cause to happen there.

    We never did get back to mediation. We scheduled another meeting for May 13th to "review how homebound is going, strategies that worked, ones that didn't, etc". So my question to the Dept of Ed Mediation Services is going to be "so do we get mediation or not?" The urgency of the Homebound IEP took precedence, I understand that but where does the mediation that never got done go? It is incredibly frustrating!!! The principal doesn't think the mediation will be necessary for next year "if there's a change in placement". Has he not heard me for the last 7 months say NO and difficult child's county social worker yesterday say NO and the Autism Consultant sd is paying say NO for the past 3 months. I don't know who's thinking is more rigid, difficult child's or his.:clubbing:
    I just know that he has met his match in ME. I will not let him bully us. The social worker is angry with him as well which makes me feel sooooooo good. I also recently found out (through a friend) that there are two other families she knows that are having similar struggles with the principal that are waiting to find out how things go with my mediation before they decide to transfer their kids to a different public school.

    Sorry this is so long. I just had to vent.
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    How is your battle with the SD going? Sounds as if they are trying to force your kid out of school. You would think that would be more expensive for the SD.
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    Find the best, most expensive private school you can. Have principal pay for it.

    Sometimes, even though you are 100% right, the battle costs your child more than it is worth to win the war.