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It will be a LONG time before I shop at a certain craft store again. A VERY long time. I went to the store for several specific items and found some clearance items also. The cashier was not knew but she was having a bad day. By checkout I had a migraine and my legs were cramping so it was hard to stand there as she messed up the various items again and again. Finally she gave me a total and I paid. That night I realized that I was seriously overcharged, almost thirty five dollars worth. I called in the morning and was told to bring the receipt but not the merchandise back.

I went back. Then I was told I had to have all the items iwth me. The woman I spoke iwth flat out said that I was just trying to steal from them. That was enough to ake me angry - and was totally awful customer service. I have only shopped there for 3 DECADES, and have come back to clear up errors in THEIR favor many times, incidents where they didn't ring up an item or charged me the wrong price in MY favor. Sadly this has happened more and more there over the last 3 years.

So I went home and couldn't get back until the next day because husband needed the car that night, plus driving when you are irate is a bad idea. So I go in the next day and they say that the mgr I need to talk to is not in and won't be in until 2 days later. 2 days later he isn't in yet. Then I go back when they say he will be in. I am told that I waited 'too long' to bring it to their attention and they cannot know if I just left the items at home rather than being charged for 59 items intead of the 8 I actually bought.

I WAITED TOO LONG??? When they kept telling me that I had to talk to someone who was not in the store until a future date??? I made 4 trips to the store to fix this, following the directions that the employees gave me and it is MY FAULT? Plus they accuse me of stealing? After having made NUMEROUS trips in the past to fix pricing errors that were in MY favor, trips where I had to go an d give them more money rather than just keeping my mouth shut and saving that money? Sometimes those trips were for a dollar but I still did it anyway! And now they are accusing me of trying to STEAL?

I am going to corporate with this problem. I am so angry I am shaking! I generally spend at least $500 a year at this store, minimum, but that ends now. This store got its' first real competition about a year ago and I will spend my $$$ at that store instead from now on. This is CRAZY and I hope the new store thrives and the old one goes out of business!! I try VERY VERY HARD to pay what I owe and to never ever steal or take undue advantage, and being accused of that makes me very very angry. There seems to be ZERO customer service at the old craft/hobby store and more and more rude behavior by their employees, and I will take my business elsewhere before I give a PENNY to anyone who accuses me of stealing!

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I hope when you got angry you also got very LOUD so that other customers could hear exactly what you were saying. Generally, this is enough to stop their line of bull and get them to cooperate. Not just this store but any store anywhere. It also happens to work for banks..........and other places.

If you're speaking of a place with an H and an L in it........I stopped shopping there quite a long time ago. There is another very nice chain of stores that in my opinion has them beat hands down, both cost and selection, plus customer service. (so far at least.)

My latest incident was with a bank. MY bank. The one I've been using for the past 15 yrs or more. The one my mortgage is with for pete's sake. I had a checking acct with them a while back. I had it quite a long span of time. I had the Y taking payments out of that acct each month. No biggie as they're usually honest. All went well until I cancelled my membership. They kept right on deducting, even though I called them AND went out there in person. I got my money back........but not until AFTER they over drew on my acct. I went to the bank to clear it up. (it was like the 3rd time they'd done it) I paid the total amount so I was even Steven. They up and closed the acct anyway. Said I had to wait to open a new one.

That was 11 months ago.

I go in to open an accnt with a rather hefty check. Trust me, I mean in enough money to make even a banker sit up and take notice as well as roll out the red carpet. I know this for a fact because I've opened accts with them in the past with similar amounts of money and they all but fell over themselves to make me happy. This time it starts off just fine..............but then we wait, and we wait.........and we wait some more. I'm trying to be patient but I do have to go to work...........and we wait. Then the teller who was doing it comes over and says no they can't do it there is an issue. I ask wtf is the issue? Oh, she doesn't know but I can't open an acct with them.

Now? I'm ticked off. So I ask her how the hell am I supposed to "fix" the issue if I don't know wth the issue IS?? omg So she goes back to the computer and the woman who normally does this duty. And we wait..........and we wait. And I've had it. I tell Travis rather LOUDLY that it is suspicious that a bank doesn't seem to want such a large deposit that perhaps I need to take it somewhere else and open an acct instead.

Suddenly she reappears. It's that blasted checking acct they closed on me. She tried to tell me that I still owed the fee. Now?? I was furious. I paid that fee in CASH and Travis was right there when I did it 11 months ago..........I did it to try to keep the acct so my paychecks could be direct deposit instead of on this stupid cash card I'm stuck with. (and as it happens it was the same woman I dealt with at the time) She took the money for the fee and still closed the acct. I called her a bald faced liar (ok I used nicer words but we both knew I was calling her a liar and Travis was backing me up) I got LOUDER. Well, she could open the acct but there would be a 9 day hold. Um what?? Ok, a hold yes. It's a corporate check. But wtf is a 9 day hold?? It's a 5 day not 9.....maybe 10 but not 9???

I had to go to work and I needed that check safe in a bank. I stomped out of there hopping mad. I got nothing but the reciept saying I deposited the damn thing. No checks. No bank card. No thankyouforchecking with us let us give you 10 lbs of junk paper for you to sort through and try to figure out if you should keep it or toss it that you get when you start an acct with a bank. Nada.

Friday I'm marching in there and i'd better have checks and a working bank card or I'll shout the place down. THEN??? I'll go across town to the bank in which Nichole's father in law is the PRESIDENT and I'm sure they won't have an issue electronically transferring my money there. I know because I've already talked to him about it.

Actually, I"m going to do that anyway. I'd move the darn mortgage too if I could.

This is after trying for nearly 3 yrs to get my deceased husbands name OFF the took two death certificates and guess what? IT'S STILL ON THE MORTGAGE!!! Everything they send me for it STILL has his name on it!! Oh, they gave me the correct paperwork for taxes..........but you've no idea what craziness this causes. I got a escrow check in the mail.........they didn't want to cash their own check because IT HAD FRED'S NAME ON IT! I told the teller the man is DEAD, I think they knew that when they cut the check since they'd seen two original death certificates stating so. They cashed the stupid check.

Yes, I'll be yelling at them for that too while I'm in there on friday. For like the 100th time. Not that it will do me a bit of good. They swear it's removed and next thing I know I've got something in the mail from them with his name right there same as always.

In the past 10 yrs I've deposited nearly 100,000.00 in this frigging bank. Yes, you read that right. Heck, probably more than that......but I'm talking just me myself with the truck accident settlement, fred's retirements...... You'd think they'd appreciate that and want the business. I mean they do get to play with it until I use it all.........and if you know me that takes years. But since they treated me like dirt. Ehh, I'll just take it somewhere else thanks.

But when I do, every customer in that bank will know WHY. Why? Because I can be a class A *itch when someone treats me like garbage. I might not get all dressed up to go to the bank or even to the store......but don't dare judge me by my looks, it'll snap back and bite you in the rear I promise.

I dunno what happened to my bank. They used to be a good bank, a really good bank. (otherwise I'd not have chosen them) Now? They can't even keep their own records straight. holy crud!

Sorry to hijack your thread. Just wanted to let you know you're not alone. As you can tell I'm still steaming over this and it was 2 wks ago.


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SS - They make me crazy with their coupon stuff. "Framing" there is the biggest rip-off ever. I used to do crafts a lot but not lately and I don't go there unless I have to. Of course, I'm not likely to go to the other, either... ;)

Lisa, would it be possible to renegotiate your mortgage with someone else? Interest rates are much better than they were in the past. I know that it's not always possible, but when we moved East we went from a 5.625% loan to a 3.05% loan. It made a BIG difference in our mortgage payments. I should also say that I would never open an account in a bank again. It's Credit Unions for us and has been for decades. Banks don't give a rip about my piddly accounts or my mortgage.


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I got loud. The hag of a supervisor told me she would call the cops if I wasn't quieter. I was NOT shouting. I asked her WHY she would call the cops when they stole MY MONEY and I want it back? I told her to go ahead and she stood there with her mouth open looking constipated. I asked if she wanted me to dial the number for the police if she couldn't remember the 3 digits it took. By then I was pretty dang hostile. I am now dealing with corporate and if I have to I will drive to their corp offices here. They just got their first real competition in our town and they are getting their tushies kicked. Esp because most of their framing is NOT archival and NOT acid free no matter hwat they say. Five years ago my mom paid to have a needlework piece framed and they used foam core board and steel pins to hold it on the board. Not only was it crooked, they had a 'moisture issue' and the pins rusted and ate holes in the fabric within 2 months of the framing! That piece took me over 2 years and probably 1500 hours of time and they rusted holes in it! Then they said the moisture was our fault until 3 of my mom's friends all came in with pieces framed at around the same time with the same problem. No one would have checked if the frame (custom made by them) hadn't come apart at the corners as it hung on the wall. No clue how they did that, but with some creative matting we did salvage the piece with new framing.

I won't have them frame anything, EVER! I was still shopping there because the other alternative was to drive over an hour until the new chain fabric/craft place opened up. Now? They will get ALL of my $$.

I will let you know what corp says. They better give my $$ back. They are checking iwth the store, which will be interesting because NO ONE at the store wears nametags anymore. The corp person I spoke to said, "Oh, really?? This is the third complaint about rudeness and no nametags at that store in the last 2 weeks." She sounded super annoyed.

I am rather vocal about customer service, and as I have gone to the store when they UNDERCHARGED me, it really really makes me angry to be accused of stealing. My name is worth WAY more than any amount that I would ever spend in a store.

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Susie I hope you get your money back. I sort of figured you knew the loud routine, but I wasn't sure so I mentioned it.

Witz I already have a super low rate mortgage. I bought my house when rates were ridiculously low 10 yrs ago. Since I had a hefty down payment, it knocked it down even more. I pay less for my mortgage than most people around here pay for a 2 bedrm apartment. Credit Unions aren't as bad but they're not perfect either. They allowed my stepdad's kids to drain his accts illegally, which included the college accts for all of the grandchildren, after he died. It took mom years and a good lawyer to get most of the funds back. No college accts though. The kicker is she'll not bank anywhere else, even after that mess.

I'd open an acct in a credit union but the only ones we have nearby you have to work for such and such to get in. Sometimes it stinks being rural.


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You might be surprised about the requirements to join a credit union, Lisa. The laws about them have changed significantly. For example, our CU used to be for electrical union members and employees of the electric utility. Now it's open to them as well as anyone who is a customer of the electric utility. That's EVERYONE.

The other one that I use for my small business in - which is available to you in Ohio - allows you to join if you live in the community they do business in.

You can join Truliant Federal Credit Union if:

  1. You live, work, worship or attend school in one of the many communities we serve in NC, SC, VA and OH.
  2. You are employed or retired from any one of our eligible business partners.
  3. You are an immediate family member (spouse, child, sibling, parent, grandparent or grandchild) or a household member of an existing member.


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I am still trying to figure out a craft place with a H and a mean it is two words..first starts with H? Duh

Obviously I am not a very crafty person. We dont have one of those stores in Lumberton. I have to go to Fayetteville but they do have 3 of the major chains there including the one I think you are talking about. I dont like them myself. Too hard to navigate if you ask me. I like the one with same name as my They also have the one that starts with the same letter as my first name.

Thankfully its been awhile since I have had to get snippy with anyone. Right now I am being overly nice and watching how wonderfully that works for The only place it doesnt work is here at home with Tony! I think a lot of people feel sorry for the fat, disabled old grandmother who is sweet as pie...lmao.

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Witz we have only one credit union that is sort of within a reasonable driving distance. Travis used to be a member when he went to college.....because of where he went to college. I nearly clobbered him when he closed the acct. To my knowledge their membership requirements have not changed. And it would be a 20 mile drive to get to them.

Otherwise, it's dayton and cincy. And that is just too far to do my banking. I used to be a member of a good one in dayton years ago. Then we moved and it was just too much of a pain to keep it open.

This is a subject I avoid with my mom. She hates banks and I have no clue how I'm going to manage getting her that far to a credit union she can join.

I don't mind Nichole's father in law's bank. I just never opened an acct there because my bank is like 3 blocks away and I can easily walk there. His bank is a good walk instead of a short walk. lol

Now today I waltz in there in normal type clothes, not I'm going to work clothes (worn out things I don't care if they get ruined) and deliberately go to another teller. No hesitation to get checks, bank card and withdraw a certain amount. Woman didn't even ask for my ID which sort of bothered me once I was outside and it hit me. Lots of times they don't if they know you well, but as far as I know this lady doesn't know me well unless they were prepared for my arrival.

Perhaps the President of one bank chit chatted with the President of my bank. hmm dunno. I'm still moving my money.

I don't like banks who can't keep their records straight and don't seem to know what they're doing. I will also be making a formal complaint. I would have today but their President was in cincy.