So upset I could SPIT (big ole vent)

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Chaosuncontained, Dec 5, 2011.

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    I picked up Carson today expecting to find a copy of the report from the Psychologist who did all the evaluations from the school.

    Not in there. No report. I not only sent a WRITTEN (email) request for it but I TALKED to her and asked for it. She assured me it would be in a sealed envelope in his back pack.

    I really wanted to be able to go over it before the first ARD meeting regarding his IEP, which is tomorrow. ARGH!!

    Aggravated doesn't even CUT it. I am fuming. I am SURE that the school counselor already has a copy. So, me, the parent, who I feel is the NUMBER ONE part of this so called team, will be the last to know what's about to go down.

    Smoke is coming out of my ears. I sent an email to the Special Education people. Calmly telling them how disappointed I was that after REQUESTING and being told I would get it--I didn't get it. There had better be a GREAT reason/excuse why it didn't happen. Like, someone's Grandma should be dead or something. UGH.

    Doesn't help my mood that the Principal called me today (wasn't his fault but I hate to hear his voice). Carson was in his office for refusing to do his work and for calling the aide a "jerk" twice. I'm about to call ALL of them JERKS!

    How unhappy do you think they will be when I trot in there tomorrow and make a recording of our meeting? I am pretty sure I can do that as long as I tell them I am recording it. If they had given me time to familiarize myself with the report I wouldn't feel so much like I needed to record it to go over later.

    Ok, I'm going to use my frusteration out on a sink of dirty dishes...
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    Well, you can borrow Q, he is in full spit, punch, kick mode today.... I will ship him off overnight post to the school, they will get him faster than they got the report to you!
  3. JJJ

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    At the beginning of the meeting, ask for a copy of the report and then READ EVERY SINGLE WORD. Make them sit there and watch you read. Don't apologize, if they try and interupt, just state that you told them you wanted to read the report prior to the meeting and that you had been assured that the report would be sent home and it was not so you are reading it now so that ALL MEMBERS of the team have access to the same information.
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    I LOVE JJJ's suggestion!! Go with it!!! If nothing else, go into the meeting, request a copy of the report (that I was told I'd have yesterday but didn't) then tell them that you want to reschedule the meeting so you have time to read over the report. Either they sit there watching you read & take notes OR they reschedule the meeting for another day so they can do something productive while you read.

    I would LOVE to be a fly on that wall. Absolutely record every word. It is legal as long as they know you're recording. If they EVER request to speak with the recorder off, ABSOLUTELY NOT.

    You go girl!!!
  5. cubsgirl

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    I love JJJ's suggestion too. Let them know you are a hard-core warrior mom :warrior: