So we had our playtherapy/assessment today....

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    Just for those who asked feedback regarding our playtherapy.....It seemed to gone very well! :)
    What made it work, in my opinion, was the fact that the therapist made use of a gine pig, rabbits, budgie and some other real pets in the session! She incorperated this in his free play and seems as if there was a lot of free talking and relationship building going on! My son was so relaxed and content after the session.....He even had a bit more tollerance and when we went to hire dvd's he didnt even fuss to try and get violent or above age movies, like usually...He was able to make appropriate choices regarding the dvds!
    She said he was a great kid! (This mommy needed to hear this, after that silly neuro went on about how my son was so manipulative exct)..... None of that! She got to know the loving, gentle side I so wanted to share with people! Why....because she knows what she
    is doing!
    She didnt say much.....She sceduled a feedback session in 3 weeks time....She first wants to have the new neuro assess him!
    She just said that he worked very hard and that she is convinced he has impulse control problems! She also mentioned that she suspects mood disorder.....She doesnt think the SSRI is the right medications, but said I have to get use to the idea that he most propibly not be able to cope without the right medications....She thinks he might need moodstabilizers.....
    I said to her that she needs to realize that he isnt always as nice as this....that it can get very bad during meltdowns....She said she believes me....That there was certain stuff that came out during the play that is good indicators of this! She will explain during the feedback!
    Her biggest concern is: How much of what we see is neurological and how much is behaviour problems.....
    The thing that really made me relax is that she said that he has very strong attatchments with us as his family...that he is very bonded and anchored! :) So at least we know this part is good!
    I so hope that we are on the right track now.....for the first time in years! This feels so right! I truely hope she can make the difference I so long for, for my son.....Just to ease his emotional discomfort!
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    Neat about the animals. I like it! I'm glad that it went so well and that she was able to see so much during the initial session.
    I want to know what she says in 3 wks!!! I hate waiting. :)

    Of course you're a good mommy!
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    Terry...yes, I am also anxious about waiting 3 weeks! But I do see her point....first getting the neuro on board! Just wish my son could see her next week for therapy, he was in such a good space after having the session!