SO, What do YOU guys do for an emergency plan?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by buddy, Oct 20, 2011.

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    I shared what I have in place so far (under the bruised...very bad day thread) , and tonight during his therapeutic horseback riding, I was talking to a mom whose daughter was riding and she is a nurse. She recommended a life-alert type of button for me to press if he ever got so aggressive and I was alone. Do they do that when I am not the patient? I know his waiver would cover it if that is something they do. I had alarms on my doors years ago because he was sneakin out in early morning. I lied and said they connected to the police and he believed it (still would). I have thought of house alarms too...

    What kinds of things do you all use? I would love to add to the plan. Of course if he didn't recover and medications didn't work anymore I would have to think of outside placement, but for now.....?????? any additional ideas???
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    I don't have a plan. I'm a fly by the seat of my pants kinda gal. Carson hasn't shown physical violence towards me--he just recently told me he hated me though (lol). He has been verbally abusive to siblings, classmates, even his teacher. I really have to keep an eye on him and his 6 year old brother though. But now I'm wondering.
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    I think yours is more extensive than mine. I have alarms on all the kids bedroom doors. difficult child 1 is in sight unless he is in the bathroom or in his bedroom. I have one neighbor I can send the kids to if I have to. They know her and can walk to her house by themselves (if they actually knock on the door or just jump on her trampoline is another thing). I have the phone in my pocket at all times. The doors are locked from the inside (more for the little difficult children than difficult child 1) and I also keep the keys in my pocket at all times. I have the phone numbers to difficult child 1's case manager, therapist, ect... in the phone. It is very rare that we go anywhere so I don't have any plans for out of our home environment. difficult child 1 does have 'safe houses' he can go to on the walk home from school if he feels threatened. (Walk home is only 2 blocks.) When difficult child 1 starts to get out of control I send him to his room to calm down. His room is downstairs. I keep everyone else upstairs until he has calmed down. difficult child 2 and difficult child 3's window is glued shut and has an alarm on it. Yes, I know that isn't good with fire regulations.

    After typing that all up I guess mine is fairly extensive. Hadn't thought of as being that long before.
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    It doesn't sound like a bad idea. You could get one FOR him in his name but NO ONE says he is the ONLY one allowed to use it, Know what I mean??

    I'm trying to find doorknobs that lock from the inside AND outside. difficult child 1's response to any type of stress lately is to take off, knowing I could never catch him. He has climbed a tree and sat in it for 3 hours to avoid having to come home to process an issue. I need to find a way to lock him IN when I need to.
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    TeDo - Those are called "double-tumbler locks". They open with a key from both sides.
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    You could also look into having him wear a monitored ankle bracelet because he's a flight risk.

    I know a family here with a boy with Asperger's about that age who would just bolt from the house without warning. They'd have to get the police out to find him cause they couldn't leave the other kids alone. After it took the cops 3 hours to find him huddled naked (no one knows why he took off his clothes) and covered with mud on a raining night several blocks from home - ankle monitor was the next step.
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    I realized I use the cell phone like the emergency button they want you to wear.