So what should I do?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by crazymama30, Jun 12, 2010.

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    I found an office refferral from difficult child's school in the bathroom garbage. Usually he gives them to me and it is not a problem. Another boy told him he loved a girl and he pinched the front of the boys neck. Not sure why he hid this one, I guess probably because he has lost so many priveleges at home for his attitude in the mornings.

    So should I confront him about it, or see if the school calls on Monday? That is their policy, but Tuesday is the last day of school so I am not so sure they will. I am not so sure what to do.
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    I rather imagine most won't agree with me in this instance. One thing I do love about our Board is that you get honest, diverse input. in my humble opinion I would mention simply say "I'm disappointed that you didn't share with me. It is important that we maintain honest communication. I guess we will see if the school takes any action based on your poor choice." Period.

    School is basically over for the year. Most of us know the feeling of holding our breath til the last day of school is over. Then, of course, we hold our breath in fear of what the summer woes may be. been there done that. I would be very surprised if the school will do anything more than put it in his file.

    Any plan for the summer that might ease the family tension? Good luck. DDD
  3. gcvmom

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    I agree with DDD that you should address the concealment issue, the impact on trust and all the things in his life that affects. Then give him a chance to explain himself about the concealment AND the school incident. And then let it go.

    I'm holding my breath for summer, too.
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    Ditto what DDD and Gvcmom said.
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    I would double check with the school and see what their consequences might be. Miss KT blew off a detention, thinking it was the last week of school, and she ended up sitting in the office one morning during the summer to make it up. If nothing else, she got the point that the school was serious about detention being served.
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    I would address the hiding, etc but let school set the consequences. I have known schools to carry them over to the next school year. The first day or so the child makes up the detention and in some cases served a second detention as a consequence for skipping one.