so yesterday wasn't a banner day

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by mrscatinthehat, Aug 2, 2008.

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    I got home and was informed that the water heater went out. ARghhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I about blew out a major gasket. In June we were supposed to go to Chicago for a few days for a book fair and to see a medieval performance and such and as I had the money setting aside I was thrilled. Then the car broke. So no more trip. I worked extra through July and we have the money set aside to take a trip at the end of August. Me, husband and easy child. So when the water heater pukes it stands to reason my brain thinks that poof goes one more thing I want to do. AGAIN. husband has a temp solution he thinks. I don't like it but not sure what we will do.

    So then I am seething away and watching old MASH episodes to relax when the phone rings. I notice that it is after midnight so I say to myself that isn't going to be a good call. Well it was the staff coordinator at difficult child 1's place calling to let us know that she had taken a bottle of Aleve. Over the course of the next 3 hours I talked with her a few times and had to make a call to the hospital. Because in all of their wisdom they decided not to keep her. Makes my head spin with the comments they made to me over the phone at the hospital.

    I am so callused about this behavior of hers that I didn't get upset like I used to. How scary is that?

    So today I had to work with someone that makes me so crazy and angry. I finally just walked away and did other work than what she was doing.

    Now we are home and I am going to put the 2nd season of MASH in the dvd player and ignore the rest of the world. I will just let my brain unwind tonight and I can work on solutions tommorow.

    I have the answer to my question of does it ever end and the answer is no.

    Ahh well another day in the life again. I know mine isn't the worst trials but jeez I think it is time for the deserted island and some books.

  2. Andy

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    :not_fair: One cancelled trip is way too many. Two is just to much!

    I am glad you have MASH to retreat to. Can you still use some of the money to have a local family fun day? Is there a museum near by, bowling or amusement park? Then have a nice meal at a favorite resturaunt? A scenic walk way to walk or ride bike? Or a state park to visit? Sometimes we don't take advantage of local entertainment. Think of something fun - maybe give each person $5.00 with the instruction that sometime during the day, you are each to find something $5.00 or less to represent your home town as a memory of the day.
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    {{{Beth}}} Sending calming hugs and happy thoughts. I hope MASH helps you escape a little bit.
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    You know when it rains it pours! I'm sorry about the hot water heater - right after I lost my job and then husband, both the hot water heater AND the furnace died...and I'm wondering WHY I have to take out a home equity loan to kill the credit cards!

    Sorry about the trips - after the year you've had you truly deserved to get away!

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    If it's not one thing, it's another. Hope you can still manage some time away.
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    In my life, all the appliances gang up on the people. Sort of like (PSST....they're gone, let's go to it).

    My dishwasher, fridge, and stove all went on the fritz at once. Talk about difficult child appliances.

    Sorry your trips had to be cancelled. Than truly stinks.
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    Hugs..........I so understand. Life is a jungle, and with a difficult child, it is like living in the Amazon, and you have 2!!! I don't even have a good analogy for 2 of 'em.....;)

    Just curious how someone in a group home gets a whole bottle of Aleve? Don't they monitor that stuff?