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I was tearing up before Lacey and Neil even started dancing. It was an extremely emotional piece. I was very dissappointed with the last dance Mia coreographed on the show, because I was expecting more of what she did last night. I'm glad she did that, but I can't help but wonder why she didn't give Lauren and Neil that dance the first time.

Regardess, it was still a fantastic performance that brought tears and emotions to a lot of people.



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I'm not a huge Mia fan, although I did love the park bench number that Travis and Heidi did last year for which Mia has been nominated.

Last night's number? Yes, I agree it was emotional ... before they began the (dance). I say (dance) because I didn't really see any dancing. As they say, different strokes for different folks. lol. That number did absolutely nothing for me. I appreciate that she wanted to do something for her dad, but without that explanation and someone just watching the performance, I don't think they'd have thought much of it. Just MHO.

I always feel badly when some get poorly choreographed routines. I think Danny's second number was awful, and the costumes even worse. I was disappointed in Shane, as I usually think he does a much better job. I'm afraid that Danny will end up at the bottom because of it (although I loved their opening number), and I truly think he's the best dancer there, bar none.

Again, just a different take on last night.

Deb :princess:


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Mia's story was beautiful but I agree it wasn't much in the way of a dance. However, it was moving enough to be sure they will be safe.

I agree with Deb re Danny. He is an incredible dancer but I think tonight may be it for him. Not because of him but because of the choreography and costume. I sure hope I'm wrong.

For the girls I like, I'm torn between Lacey and Sabra with Sabra edging out Lacey by a small margin. The other girls have honestly left no real impression on me.
I agree with MB re Sabra, she "won my heart" last night, and I have never been much of a Sabra fan. I thought she was fantastic yesterday. The Broadway dance was great, and the quickstep, even better!

I too agree with Deb re Danny, he got the short end of the stick with a crummy routine last night, and those costumes were a joke.

Anyone else think that Lauren and Dominic snuck off into a stairwell somewhere?


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LOL about them sneaking into a stairwell. Yes, I agree. There was definitely a connection going on. lol.

I've been impressed with Sabre all along. Talk about natural talent! She's only been dancing for 4 years! :surprise:

The top 3 for me are Danny, Sabre and Lacey. I don't understand why everyone thinks Danny is so conceited, and yet, don't hear much about Lacey. There's certainly no self-esteem issues going on with that gal either. lol.

I do think it's a very talented bunch, and always feel badly for whoever is sent home at this point, although I think just having made it this far and being a part of the tour is an amazing feat.

I really think the remaining dancers are all amazing. I'm blown away each week by them stepping up their game, dancing genres they've never danced. My hat is off to all of them.



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Deb ~ You should read the Fox SYTYCD message board. Lots of people post that Lacey is conceited, arrogant, and a show off. She is probably the most bashed dancer on that board. Personally, I think she is a great dancer and I love to watch her dance.

My favorites are Pasha and Lacey. I think Sabra is great, too, but she just doesn't grab me for some reason. For me, she is missing the "it" factor.

Same with Danny. He is obviously a very gifted dancer but just lacks the perfomance factor for me (probably because I know nothing about dance so I miss all of his fine points).

I think that Lauren and Dom are going home tonight. I was half right last week.

If anyone is a show off, in my opinion it is Lauren. At the end of the show last night, when everyone was dancing, no matter which camera was on, she jumped in front of it.

I agree, Lauren & Dom go tonight. If they can find them in the stairwell.

My faves for a long time were Lacey & Danny, but Pasha & Sabre ware really growing on me.

It's getting tough to watch this season. Tink (look at me! look at me! look at me!) competes with the show for my attention by "dancing" next to the TV. (even when I ask her to do it at the commercials when she can have my undivided attention)

She cramps my rear, a little bit.


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I missed that kiss at the end that they showed last night of Lauren and Dom's routine. Did they show that Wed. Night? I was a little shocked when I saw that last night! Yikes!

It didn't surprise me that Dominic and Sarah were the ones to get booted. I was a little surprised to see Neil in the bottom two.

Now, it's going to be tough to see any of them go. I do think they've got the top 6 right.
Oh yeah, they showed the kiss. That's why I made the comment about the two of them sneaking off. Woo Woo!

Same as last week, I was half right. I was sure it was gonna be Lauren, not Sarah. It's so hard to see anyone go at this point, they are all so good.


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Well, I was half right, too. I was really surprised that it was Sara that was sent home.

I was also very disappointed in Lacey's solo last night. She has been one of my favorites all along but I don't think that her solo was very good. I hope she does better next time.

Danny actually really impressed me with his solo last night. It had lots of personality which I haven't seen from him before.



Hi All,
I was surprised Sara went home--thought it would be Lauren. I like Sara a lot so I was disappointed but I'll live! I like Danny more and more each week. Kathy, I was disappointed with Lacey's solo too and really I don't think she has lived up to my expectations since her first dance when she blew me away (the Mia Michaels contemporary). Right now I am cheering for Sabra and Danny I guess. Sabra has never let me down--she does well each time with each genre and I like the way she gives it everything she has.

I like all of them so I guess whoever wins will be okay by me.



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Was nice to see they got it right for a change rather than just voting for looks. I loved Dominic's comment that he now felt like a dancer. The kid has a lot of class, style and talent. I hope he goes far in the dance world.

I will say the more I see of Lauren, the less I like her as a person and her dance has pretty much bored me from day one. It's good, it's technically correct but I've never felt any passion for her style. I used to hate hearing the judges say Danny wasn't connecting and was passionless when that was how I felt about Lauren. Lacey does have the look of a prima donna to the hilt. Something tells me this is not someone I want to be in the backroom with. Not sure why I get this feeling but I do. So, goooooooooooo Sabra (personality and talent, a perfect combination)!

And I still love, love, LOVE Danny!!!!!
Yep, America got it right last night, in my humble opinion! Dominic will go far with his b-boy thing and Sara will as well.

I like the way Lacey dances but really don't like her personality much. Lauren has dropped down the rung for me as well.

Really enjoying Danny and Sabra, so I am hoping they are the top 2. husband and I have liked them since the beginning.

Till next week,


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Yeah, I agree about Lacey's solo. There just wasn't much to it. Sabra really does have it all, doesn't she? She can do just about anything, it appears.


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Unfortunately I missed most of last night's show but that hasn't stopped me from having an opinion before so why should it now? :rofl: These comments are based on their partner performances from the other night, not solos since I missed them last night.

Anyway, I know the judges love her and you guys seem to be starting to, too, but although I think Sabra is a good dancer, possibly even a great dancer, I don't see PASSION from her style so she doesn't "move" me.

And I don't see prima donna stuff from Lacey and I think her dancing style is filled with PASSION and I'm captivated every time she dances. (she's a little cross-eyed, too- have you guys noticed that?)

I love how we all watch the same thing and see things so differently! :thumb:

So I'm still rooting for the sibs Danny and Lacey. :smile:

Suz :princess:
Yeah, I noticed that Lacey is a bit crosseyed. But then, I thought Heidi was a little bit too. Could be a family thing.

I've always liked Lacey, but Sabra is really growing on me. She is improving every week.