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    husband and I have not really done Christmas in years. We have always done a little something for each other and I do mean little, but usually I tell him what I want and he gets it for me. That is, usually since about 1989 when he got me a "very nice" frying pan and then wrapped about 20 video games for himself and said that they were "From: Santa" when he knew that I hated what video games were doing to him and to M. Of course two days later, he was out shopping for something and got me something more feminine that I think I had to return because it was impractical or didn't fit.

    This year I told him a few weeks before Christmas that I had gotten him something small (a new Nautica Robe) and that it would be nice if he would get me something too. He works next door to one of the largest shopping malls in the city. There is a skybridge between it and his building. You got it right - he didn't get anything for me. And he doesn't remember the conversation that we had about exchanging gifts. (He really probably doesn't - he was most likely too busy trying to kill elves or join a "hunting party" to get a bauble.)

    I'm not all that disappointed, I'm a big girl. But now he's all morose and going to not get out of bed. Of course, all he'd want to do is to play video games all day, but this is going to be even worse. He'll mope and try to make me feel better which I don't really need. Telling him to not worry about it is more than I'm up for right now. It makes it difficult to ignore Christmas when you're busy all day trying to tell someone that you're not mad at them. Then two days later when he gets me something that doesn't fit (I have an odd shape and it's challenging to get me clothes) or is a dust collector, it's going to be all kinds of awkward if I don't like it enough. Like the frying pan which is still in my garage gathering dust.

    Merry Christmas all! I'm off to cook our traditional Christmas sausages, eggs, strawberry waffles, and champagne! I'll enjoy eating it so long as I don't have to deal with a sad sack sitting across the table from me!
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    I think I'd forget to tell him it was ready and least until after you've eaten. I'm sorry you couldn't at least have a peaceful, enjoyable day and a small gift.
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    Why don't you suggest that he take you to brunch tomorrow?
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    I'm trying to keep my weight down, or I would do that. He's hovering around me even as we speak. Oh, well. I'm thankful for him as he is. It just makes for an awkward day.
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    What a great attitude!