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    Sorry I haven't been around. Between the sickness that has been running rampant in the house, spring cleaning, all of my appointments, as well as my sons appointments, I don't have a lot of time to be online lately.

    So here's the update... Had an MRI of my C-Spine and Brain (with and without contrast). Tomorrow is an EEG. Results will be the end of the month.

    Met with a new cardiologist today who believes that I have vasovagal syncope. We do a tilt-test on Friday to see. Basically there's no rhyme or reason as to why it occurs, when it occurs, or when it goes away (which it will eventually do). They can give me medications for blood pressure to help it, as well as give me some exercises to do to help strengthen my heart. Basically what happens, is if I am standing too long, my blood pressure is too low to get oxygenated blood to all of the right places. So I pass out. Simple cause is low blood pressure. Which means I would need to strengthen the valves of my heart to work better, thus giving me a better blood pressure. (Today, BiPolar (BP) was 108/60). So we shall see what this test says. Wish me luck.

    difficult child is doing okay. Just posted in the School forum about the problems I'm having there. At home he's doing well enough.

    difficult child 2 is doing okay. He's the one who keeps getting sick. Which also sets us back a little on potty training as well... antibiotics and all that fun jazz.

    So yeah. That's about it. What's new with everyone else? I know its been a while since I've been on. Update me! LOL

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    Oh I am glad you're back!!! I was thinking about you yesterday!!!

    You'll have to take a huge look in the WC, lots of stuff...!!!
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    I'm so glad you've been giving yourself all the attention you need to figure out what's up. Keep us posted on the tilt test. Glad everyone is holding their own. Hugs.
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    Glad you are getting closer to some answers! Hope the kid gets well, just no fun being sick 8o(

    Thanks for checking in!
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    A good update, all in all.

    Glad you're getting some answers. Hopefully the treatment will help a lot. :)

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    Thanks! I would check the WC, but with so many appointments and being sleep deprived ontop of it, I don't really have the time right now. I'm lucky I got on to post what I did. LOL. Should quiet down again in about 2 weeks -hopefully. So we shall see.
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    i AM SO GLAD YOU FINALLY HAVE SOME ANSWERS TO this MESS! OMG!!! Hooray. What kind of exercises does one do for improving heart valve strength? OMG that is such a weird disorder you have. WOW. Sounds like you have a full house and then some...I guess that's not the kind of exercise you need then huh? lol.

    Well news with me - I'm going to be a Grammy! Little girl Due in July!

    Got fired from my job - (long story) no one really wanted to hear but it was interesting...(yawns)

    My car died..... I swear if I get another break! WOW~

    DF let me use his van - and on the way to unemployment? I blew not one, but TWO tires. LOL....Yup - I was literally laughing at the service station. I think it was that crazy laugh just before they haul you off kinda chatter. hehe

    Anyway - GLAD to see you are on the mend friend.....
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    Basically its a standing exercise, where all I do is stand against the wall in increasing increments. We shall find out tomorrow.

    Yay! On becoming a grammy! I bet you're excited!!! Congrats!

    Sorry about the rough day. I've had those. They are really no fun. Have you gotten the car and van fixed? I know you're not without a vehicle... :) What happened to the car?


    Hope you have better days! And remember, when life hands you lemons... ask for tequila and salt!:cheers:

    (Or remember this one which has helped me a lot... "Remember that the bad days don't last forever... neither can the good days... so enjoy them when they come. :hypnotized:
  9. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Soooooooo what yer sayin' is........When your BAD - you can stand in the corner and STILL get better? Hmmmmm?

    So just what IS attire for being BAD and standing in the corner? ahem. :uphere:
  10. DS3

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    Pardon my ADD at the moment, but I don't understand your comment. LOL.
  11. InsaneCdn

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    DS3, you said...
    So, poor dear Starbie is seeing you... standing in the corner because you've been bad.
    SHE missed the fact that you will be standing against the wall... NOT in a corner.

    Maybe she's having an ADD moment?
    (Oh, wait... we ruled that out on a previous thread... maybe it's a "senior moment"?)

    Thanks, you two, for the chuckle!
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    LOL. Now it makes sense. :)

    So I got my answer today. Well at least to the passing out episodes... Good news is that it is not life threatening, and it will correct itself on its own. They are going to give me medications for it.
    There really isn't any bad news. I have a couple of issues going on with my heart. The first is POTS, or Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrom. Basically when they put me into a standing position my heart beats per minute went way over 140.

    The second thing is Neurocardiogenic Syncope -with Vasodepression and Cardioinhibitory. This is actually kind of rare. Don't know if I should feel special or not. LOL. It's where both my blood pressure AND my beats per minute drop suddenly, which causes me to pass out.

    So the medications I am starting will help to raise my blood pressure, then in a couple of weeks we start the ones to lower the heart rate. I have low blood pressure to begin with, so it shoudl work out over-all. (Beginning BiPolar (BP) was 100/63 today).

    So yeah. We got an answer. As to what causes it? They don't know. When will it correct itself? They don't know. When can I stop taking the medications? They don't know. So we shall wait and see what happens.
  13. InsaneCdn

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    At least there is an explanation, and a plan of attack...