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It is a punch in the stomach when you think everything is running in the right direction and you read something that brings reality up close and personal.

I completely admire everyone here for all they have to endure.

Is it best to block them? Or like me, use social media to ensure their well being?


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My son blocked us from his social media long ago. I used to check his I messenger app to see that he was still active and knew he was then ok. Ten I just cut his phone plan off when he was out on his own. It amazing the ways they can find to communicate.


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Checking his social media messaging was a way to horrify myself. They don't reveal that stuff to us for a reason. And maybe it's actually a good reason if these kids have problems handling shame. Quite apart from the more obvious solution which is

"Stop heaping it on yourself!!!"


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I have never had a Facebook account because I didn't want to know what my daughter was up to. I am quite sure that she would have used it to try to manipulate us.

Ignorance can be bliss.