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    Travis' appointment to file as an adult for disability is coming up wednesday. I'm getting a little nervous.

    There is no doubt the boy is disabled, it's the process I think that is already getting to me even before it's "officially" begun. :sigh: And yes, it should've been started months ago, but I have to travel an hour to the nearest office (we have one that is open like in mornings 2 days a wk and it's packed almost impossible to get into) and for a long time the issue was my car and easy child was supposed to take us........and yeah. Then when we did get down there they had about every Amish in the area applying for SS cards..........and they set up an appoint for us to come back but I couldn't get back to them. (car thing and easy child worked)

    Sooooo, been waiting for easy child to give me a schedule ahead of time (her days change week to week).......then finally got sister in law to fix the car so I wouldn't be nervous about the drive. But then I wanted easy child to ride along so that I have someone else to "hear" what is said and help me remember, because we all know my short term memory seems to pick and choose what I'm going to hold on to at random. Yeah......that wasn't going so well.

    Nichole, being frustrated, volunteered to be my ear person and ride with me down there. Now this is totally out of her way. She has to drive an hour to get here first, then I'll drive the hour to get to the SS office. All because easy child continues to put it off or "forget" (maybe she does) and I am so worried about running into the time limit for Travis to access his dad's benefits for disability. He can still get it via himself, but it would be far better to use his dad's.

    Since Nichole volunteered, I had Travis set up the appointment......and it's for wednesday. I also work wed, so this is going to be interesting, but I'm not changing it again. easy child will have to deal with whether or not I get back in time. This has got to be done.

    Travis has not seen a doctor in at least 2 yrs due to lack of insurance, probably longer.......I don't remember when we stopped with the cancer doctor because she wasn't actively treating him like she should've been doing......and we were paying out of pocket out the frigging wazoo! (she was relying on our local hospital lab for blood work when they are inaccurate AND make up results, this has been documented......and refused to have him to go an outside lab to have the blood work done) He's not seen a neuro since his stroke and the polycythemia was originally diagnosed. He saw an eye doctor to have his glasses replaced via krogers but I have no clue who they were, they were in cincy.

    As for past docs.......omg.........there is no way on earth I can possibly remember them all, it didn't help we got sent off on tangents via the school either trying to prove this or that so they'd adjust his IEP. (never worked but I DID try) I do see where during the first process, husband listed many of the main ones. So I do have that. But I need to add the neuro he saw after his stroke to the list. And I hope that is about it as ........well.......seriously? That was brain injury time, short term memory is not helpful for those years. It's spotty at best. But that neuro I want on the forms as he was insistent that I file for Travis to have disability, saying he had no place in the work force and it wasn't fair to make him attempt it. We had a rather lengthy discussion about it.

    I have forms to fill out before the appointment. Oh, this is going to be fun. Not. But this is why I insist it be done in person, not online like easy child wanted to do. Mess up forms while dealing with real people, they help you fix them and do them right. They do it online too but it takes forever while everything goes through snail mail.

    We had a super helpful CW last time. I hope to heaven we do this time too. They really confused Travis on the phone because they asked him a zillion questions he really couldn't answer.......seriously? The boy told you he's autistic and you're drilling him on the phone? lol Smart. And this is why he'll be signing the waver form that let's me or his sisters talk about his case with them. ugh. (his sisters because I'm hoping to heaven to have a job soon and might not be available)

    The only thing preventing me from totally freaking is that when we filed for him as a teen, our income nixed it. His dxes are not things that improve, actually they've gotten worse over the years since then. And when husband applied for his SS, he also inquired about Travis' claim......CW looked it up, looked it over, and called back (talked to me, not husband) and said she saw no reason, even if his condition had not gotten worse, that he would be denied.

    And yeah, I know that if they think he went too long without seeing a doctor they can set up appoints with their own specialists at no cost. So I shouldn't freak there either. But still.

    It's the process that drives me insane. The forms. The appointments. The forms. Did I say the forms?? ugh :sigh:

    Travis has done his utter best. He's still trying for his degree. But college isn't going very well for a variety of reasons, which are the same problems he had in lower grades.....It was difficult to get the jobs at kroger and walmart......and he really didn't last very long. About a year or so at each one. The kid needs this if he is ever going to live independently away from home. He needs this in case something happens to me.

    So I figure it can't hurt to get the board juju and some major good vibes going a few days early. (send some my way to while I try to navigate through old records and the forms) And while you're at it, please pray that easy child's procrastination didn't put him past the deadline to use his dad's benefits.

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    Ooooh! You know I'm on THAT bandwagon!!! LOTS of good juju, bead rattling, pretzeling and the Jumping Bean Dance!
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    Fingers will be crossed for sure. DDD
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    Here's lots of good wishes for you to breeze through the forms, then have your path greased through SS with better results then you can imagine and of course, that you've met all deadlines. Hugs and prayers for you to be soothed and calm as you go through this............
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    more good thoughts...
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    Well, seems like the white cane (you said he uses one right?) might give them a clue...and you probably have more than enough to cover the situation! Sending you lots of positive energy that the process goes smoothly.
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    Sending hugs and good thoughts.
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    Rattling beads for ALL of you!!!
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    HOUND! I have something important to tell you. My little cousins are both bipolar and paranoid, niether can work. The older one in Nov was working in Texas for the federal govt and called the police to her house saying her fellow employees were bugging her apt, she is very ill. My aunt called a famous company always on tv with the initials of B and B, (first and last name the same). By January, she was approved for it- she gets the same amount as her paycheck. The other cousin, used a regular lawyer and it took so long was not approved. Call this first company, they send lots of forms for you to fill out- they have extra special forms they invented to speed up the process. You don't have to meet anyone, they do ALL the work for you. ALL of it. My younger cousin is more ill than the older and she defiinately needs it. Call this company, they're always on tv, you know who I'm talking about. My aunt did all the work and she said this is the way to go. I actually filled out the paperwork myself when I didn't think I was ever going to work again. I still may not be able to work, but for now, I'm working. I hope it continues for me.
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    And whatever doctor notes or medical records you get, make duplicates, more than duplicates of them. Can't tell you how many times we had to resubmit because they lost the paperwork

  11. DammitJanet

    DammitJanet Well-Known Member Staff Member the folks with the B and B names. Or any of the famous lawyers you see on tv really. Allsup is also good. Lawyers are great if you get denied and be prepared that you may get denied on the first try...happens to about 75% of the claims. I have seen people with strokes in hospitals get denied on the first claim. Yes, strange. If you do get denied, call a lawyer the day you get the denial letter because you only have 60 days to appeal but the lawyers take over then and you dont have to do anything.

    But...on Wednesday, ask them to make you copies of everything that you are filling out. Everything...and of everything that you are giving them. You dont want to say one thing on Wednesday and another thing on the next set of forms that they send you and trust me, they will send you another set of forms asking the exact same questions. If you have the forms you have already filled out, you can just copy over. You need to always keep copies of what you send in. Make yourself a big file and put everything in it for his disability.
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    Hound -

    When I was doing all this stuff for the home mortgage thing - I found some information that didn't pertain to me but it had something to do with a mortgage assistance due to being blind - Are you aware of anything like that? Homestead excemption act maybe or something because you are blind - ? I'm not sure if that's even anything you are looking into - but I think if "IF" the house is in Travis' name - and he's legally blind - he qualifies for that and other things to help him with the house payment. Just thinking out loud.

    You know you have all my luck and love on the SSI front........and the job front. You're turn is coming darlin ' rub the lucky gnome. lol - Sit and meditate with the gnome. Read the good book with the GNOME...

    Hug & Love