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    I love the idea of social stories and went to the suggested site of But I am not finding anything there on writing social stories. Am I at the right site or am I not using the site right?

    Does anyone know of any other helpful sites for learning to use and write social stories. I am not a very creative person when it comes to writing so I will need all the help I can get. Anything free is great! We are a one income family and money is tighter than tight!!!

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    I don't have any experience with this, but did a quick search and came up with this, it that what you were looking for?

    Click on the link and scroll down the page to get to the clickable links underneath.

    Internet References on Social Stories

    Sample Social Stories - From Carol Gray and the Gray Center.

    Social Stories - Excellent social stories from the Flemington-Raritan Autism Program.

    Social / Self-Help - Some good "social stories" and ideas for teaching many topics. Stories include: menstruation and deodorant use. Social Stories - The - Teaching Children with Autism web site is a recent find. This page has many examples of real social stories and a very nice Introduction to Social Stories.

    Social Stories by Meredyth Goldberg Edelson, PhD - Center for the Study of Autism summary on Social Stories. Provides a good summary of the structure of a social story, a link to The Morning News, and Carol Gray's address.

    The New Social Story Book by Carol Gray - Order Carol Gray's newest book from Future Horizons.

    Social Stories and Comic Strip Conversations - From the Online Asperger Syndrome Information and Support (O.A.S.I.S.) web site. Includes links to Carol Gray videos, books, and newsletter.

    Newsletter #2 - Powerful, Effective Social Stories - An article by Lee Irwin, PhD. Includes helpful information on how to write simple, effective social stories.

    Social Stories . . . What They Are and How They Can Help - An article by Reva Schafer, medication. Provides a good definition and description of social stories, when to use them, and some neat examples.

    Examples of Social Stories - Three short social stories.

    Sumlin Stories - Richard Saffran provides an excellent list of many social sentences or "Sumlin stories" (not technically Social Stories - but close) on a variety of topics. Includes some good notes on Applied behavior Analysis (ABA) strategies.

    Social - A description of several prepared books with "social stories" on a variety of topics. Titles include: "Going to the Dentist," "Going to the Doctor," and "Going to the Grocery Store." Each title costs \\$14.95. I have not reviewed the books nor have any experience with the author. Interesting pictures and ideas though.

    RoadMaps for Autism - Illustrated Social Stories from Debby Greene, M.S. - Written to your order for a fee.
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    Oh Man!!!! I'm sorry I messed up the link when I told you about it (brain freeze - sorry!).


    and the "try it out book" is about waiting.

    I'm so, so sorry! What an ultramaroon!!!!!

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