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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by TeDo, Nov 29, 2011.

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    So, the social worker came back like she said she was. If you remember, she was convinced that what happened last month was NOT the medication and that he needs long term placement and then played the "what if" game trying to get me to change my mind to her way of thinking.

    Well, I got to do the TOLD YOU SO thing and it felt soooooooo good. She was happy to hear he's doing so well. We discontinued the goal about the extreme aggression (haven't had any since he came home) but kept the following adult directives and social skills ones. She willingly discontinued the CTSS worker after I told her that when I asked gfg1about starting back up with that, he said "Hmmmm. I think I've been doing pretty good without him now". She agreed since difficult child 1 is involved in so many other structured social situations with knowledgeable adults than can teach him appropriate social skills (Boy Scouts and church youth group). As she was getting ready to leave, she said "I am glad things are back to normal. I really did have my doubts." DUH?!? Ya Think?!?

    I just LOVE proving the "professionals" wrong. Maybe she'll actually come to the realization that I DO know my son. Gee, what a novel concept.
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    TeDo... I understand about proving the pros wrong...

    But the flip side is... I'm not sure we really understand that many parents of kids with issues, are NOT as involved and as in-tune as so many on this board are. You might well be the first one she's encountered that is this way.
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    We've had her before so she does know (she'd commented to me about that when we had an open case with her 2 years ago) but apparently forgot OR she has never dealt with a kid that has such bizarre reactions to medications as difficult child 1 does (even all our psychiatrists over the last 9 years have commented about it) so didn't "believe" it was possible. She has always come across as one of those that has to see it to believe it and since this is her first "sighting", she's not convinced it's real yet.
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    Just today our psychiatrist said Prozac is notorious for causing aggression in teens. Esp. boys. She also said she knows how hard it can be (she has three special needs kids) and she said one of her kids had a nightmare of a reaction to a medication. Said it was really awful to go through. Since Q started it for anxiety to stop the "fake" feelings which ultimately were diagnosed as seizures, it is not really clear that he ever needed it. He still has over the top anxiety happen every day. So, if when we go off we see that the anxiety goes way up then we will just have to address that then.

    I think one less medication in him is a good thing, especially because Prozac is one of the dangerous ones with his enzyme disorder. But we will have to see, if he needs it it will be pretty obvious. I know for sure we can't just stop. We have had issues like when the pharmacy forgot to order it and we needed a new script etc...and like two days went by... then big issues happened. but if we go off slowly, hopefully no big deal.
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    Just because you are a warrior mom doesn't mean you can't gloat every now and then!

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    good point sharon, lol. I saw the thread pop up again and I was feeling super immature.....

    na na na na na na....

    OK all done. Te said from day one that she would see.

    My question... what did you do with difficult child 1 during the appointment. He was so mad at her for how she talked to him last time, did he stay home?
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    Buddy, H*** no he wasn't home. He and difficult child 2 went to the public library to use their computers. He saw it on the calendar and claimed "I'm going to the library. I am NOT going to be HERE when SHE is here!" I totally agreed. She did say that next time she does have to see him and, I don't remember the context but, she said she knows he's mad at her because she "challenges" him but she HAS to. That part I don't get. Why does she have to intentionally "challenge" him? All that does is anger him and I am left to process it with him. It will be interesting.
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    I'd clarify that with her. To want the best for him, to push his positive direction limits.... a challenge that way is maybe ok. But to "challenge" him to provoke him?? I dont think so. I think she is trying to make her behavior sound better than it was. She is trying to say she never did anythng wrong to make him mad, was just trying to make him think, and to magically make him change if he wasn't challenged to do better, or whatever. She gets no credit for what you did and how hard he has worked to recover.

    There is no therapy plan for kids with autism that would say to increase anxiety through "challenging" them is a good idea. She is just back peddaling. cya I think we say???