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    Does anyone have a good recipe for a nice soft fluffy dinner roll that I can make for a dinner at someone's house? I will be using the bread machine to mix and knead, and for the first rise. We'll be pairing it with prime rib, so nothing too sweet. I'd really like to try those ones where you roll three or four balls of dough up and put them in the muffin tin to rise, but I'm not sure what they're called or if they have a particular dough, or even if they are very soft. They just look nice. Soft and fluffy is what I am going for, though.

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    It looks wonderful! Do you think I could put them into muffin cups? I want to bake them at someone else's house, and I think that would be the easiest way to transport them. There will be 30 (!) people.
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    Oh yes! You can put them in a muffin pan, is that what you mean? I'm sure you can form any dough any way you like. I might have to try out this recipe myself. :) I'll tell you a recipe I'm looking for and maybe you can help me............... I'm looking for a nice, yeasty, soft, smooshy, kind of a yellow bread that is formed into rolls. I think this may be called an egg bread. I tried one recipe, but it wasn't "right". Any idea's?
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    Good luck baking for that may people! You'll have to let us know how they turn out. Will you give the recipe a test run before the big day?
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    I take these to every holiday family meal. I love this reciple because you do the dough up the night before freeing up more time the next day. The mashed potatoes make for a more tender roll. The trick to keeping them soft is not to bake at too high temperature and not to overbake.

    Overnight Refrigerator Rolls-

    1 package active dry yeast (Works best if you use regular, not rapid rise)
    1 ½ cups warm water
    1 cup unseasoned lukewarm mashed potatoes (I dice potatoes and cook until really tender, then drain and mash with a potato masher. I use the potato water to dissolve the yeast in.)
    2/3 cup shortening
    2/3 cup sugar
    2 eggs
    1 ½ teaspoons salt
    6 to 7 cups all-purpose flour

    Real butter for brushing tops

    Dissolve the yeast in the warm water in a small bowl. Let sit for a few minutes.
    Place into a large mixing bowl 3 cups flour, eggs, shortening, sugar, and salt. Add the dissolved yeast and beat until smooth.

    Mix in enough of the rest of the flour to make the dough just barely able to handle (it will be very sticky still). Generously flour (as in about 1 cup) countertop and dump the dough onto the flour. Knead, adding flour as needed. The amount will vary but when the dough is ready it should have a satiny texture and be neither too sticky or too dry.

    Place the dough into a large bowl that has been greased or sprayed with non-stick spray. Cover with plastic wrap. (I use two sheets loosely stretched on the top of the bowl to give the dough room to rise). Place a dishtowel over the top of that and place into the refrigerator. Let rise in the fridge at least 8 hours. The dough may have a tangy sourdough taste if left more than 24 hours.

    Gently punch down dough in bowl. Flour hands and form dough into desired shape. I use mini muffin tins for small rolls. For larger rolls I use regular sized muffin tins and place three balls of about 1 inch diameter into each cup. Cover with a dishtowel and let rise until double.

    Remove dish towel and bake at 350 degree until light golden color on the sides. For best results watch these rolls carefully. Check and if sides/bottoms start to turn brown too quickly, release a little oven heat and back down the oven temperature. Dump out on wire rack and brush with butter.
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    That's the one! Thank you! I will try them out first.
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