Some days (ok, a lot of days) I just want to

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    throw in the towel. Cry uncle. Bury my head in the sand. Give up.

    Wee has been particularly challenging lately. I've griped about husband enough that I feel if I say another word, I'm just an rambling idiot. And short of throwing husband out, I just don't even know what to do.

    husband has been helping around the house more. But he's not happy about it. Which makes him less tolerant of Wee. And if he has to do housework, by God, Wee has to, too, except Wee won't listen to husband, which further compounds the problem. They've gotten themselves into a viscious cycle, and I'm ready to strangle them both.

    So husband picked up around the house yesterday morning. The more he did, the angrier he got, which was then compounded by Wee's non-response to his requests to help.

    We spoke one time yesterday. Cgfg wanted to ride yesterday. We were all going to go. husband went out and got his mule and took off while the rest of us were saddling up. The mule, which is young and relatively unbroke, refused to leave the driveway and threw a fit. husband then turned and rode him back to the barn, screaming that he was selling the &^*^^%&& mule. He took it to the hitching post, slapped it with the lead rope, took off the saddle and threw the saddle, forcefully, onto the ground (a very expensive saddle), put his stuff away, and came to where I was saddling my horse. Yelled at me that he was selling that (&*(&(*#% animal, it won't leave without the other horses and he's not going to have an animal like that (only lesser horse people have animals that are buddy sour), to which I responded with his classic line that he is always yelling at the kids or anyone else, "You have to make it do what you want". Then I added that he knew it wasn't very well broke when he bought it, and he can't expect it to magically learn what its supposed to do without regular work, and he hasn't ridden in 6 weeks, and that I have offered, repeatedly, to take it to my Amish friend trainer, but he has never responded to my offer. He screamed some more, then left.

    I understand his frustration, but that doesn't make his responses any more appropriate. And he can keep the house spotless, but if the exchange for that is absolute intolerance for Wee and his issues, I'm not gonna be any happier. I'm ready to tell him to pack a bag and spend some time with mommy. I'm sick of having nothing but children in my home, particularly when one is in his mid-40's.

    Overall, I had a very good weekend. But it was largely due to husband's absence (or my detachment from him) from most of it.
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    I hear you. Many, many hugs.
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    Hugs, sweetheart. I understand!!!!