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    So, difficult child is on homebound services. He has a teacher come in on Tues and Thurs for only two hours a day. She will only work with him on 5 out of 8 classes. That's because these 3 classes are not "core" classes. Therefore, guess who has to help difficult child with the other 3 in order for him to get credit for this last grading period (otherwise he fails the whole semester)?? :wink: Yep, dear ole mom. What are those classes, let's see two computer classes...nope can't help there but difficult child doesn't have a problem with one of them (he's pretty good at this computer stuff) and the other computer teacher I can't get to return my calls, emails,and I've even had other teachers go tell this one that I need to talk with him. I'm getting pretty mad about it so will have to go higher up the ladder... :nonono:

    As for the third teacher...Spanish...can we say I don't speak Spanish? It took us 3 weeks to get 7 pages done in his workbook because Mom had to study and learn it first (while working and during all the other numerous stuff I do around here). We finally finished it last night and informed the Spanish teacher. Guess what, difficult child is going to have to take the final which is next week as well as more work!. I had to clue the teacher in on the fact that difficult child will not be back to school until January possibly and can only do a little at a time. I'm waiting to hear back from her before I figure out what to do next.

    Thanks for letting me vent. Somethings never change in the life of a difficult child and school.

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    Hi Mary,

    How long has difficult child been on homebound? Were you aware, upon that placement, that the electives would not be covered by a teacher? I'm not familiar with the legality of homebound, but I would think that all subjects would need to be provided. You may want to ask over on the Special Education board about that.

    Vent away......

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    So sorry you're struggling. Sharon made a good suggestion about posting over on the Special Education board. The moderators, Martie and Sheila, really know their stuff.

    I assume difficult child is on homebound because of medical issues? If that's the case, is it possible for him to get incompletes in the subjects he can't finish in time because of his medical issues? That would be better than failing, and he can make up the work when he's able.
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    Words you probably don't want to hear, but I'd call for an IEP team mtg to get this stuff specifically spelled out. I'm just sitting here shaking my head... love to see the written policy SD has that states parents are required to teach non-core classes or homebound students fail those classes. Makes you wonder where common sense has gone. Sheesh... though I must admit to getting a warped giggle at the mental image of you cramming late into the night so you can "teach" him Spanish! :geek:

    Another vote for picking Sheila's and Martie's brains over in sped 101. There has to be a protection in the law to prevent him from failing these classes when the SD can't/won't/hasn't provided a teacher to teach them.

    Hang in there!
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    This might work different in your state, but my difficult child was put on homebound for the last quarter of last year. As it turns out, the teacher never found her way to our house, then said she came but we wouldn't let her in (NOT TRUE). Anyway, she would only have given 4-5 hours of instruction/week for core classes only. This of course, is hardly an adequate education. I wrote letters to the head of special education (for the district- outside the school) and to school board members. When they decided they would accept his grades from juvy (geeze, this was about 2 weeks at end of May-first of June, but he was out of school from Mar. 19 thru 2nd week of June), I went thru the roof and then wrote letters asking how they planned to make up for the educatioon they didn't provide or if they intended to make him take the grade over when it was them that didn't so their part.

    The point I'm trying to lead to here is that they can't fail him if they did not provide the education. But, my son has really struggled in the next grade up this year because he wasn't as prepared as he should have been. If I were you, I'd be whipping letters off to everyone in the school system now to make sure they are aware that you don;t intend to take this lying down.

    in my humble opinion!!!!