Some things never change

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    I've been dealing with difficult child's father's employer about insurance cards. I find out their insurance has changed when bills are denied payment because she's no longer covered. Then, I call ex's HR department and they get me what I need. God forbid Tony do it. Anyway, today I asked for dental cards. To my knowledge, he didn't have dental, but I asked to see. And yes, he does, and he "thought" she was covered, but for some mysterious reason she's not. Probably because when he filled out the paperwork he didn't put her down.


    I asked to speak to him. (This is the tool who hasn't had anything to do with difficult child since she was 3, but has since remarried, had another child *and* is raising this woman's 15 year old daughter. Facebook is your friend).

    He acted like the idiot he is.

    Ok...let me back up. I don't know if you remember, but this is the guy who at 27 years old told me he had lung cancer because I was leaving him. Even funnier, he used to get these "migraines" all the time. He was faking. He was on the couch with one of his "migraines" and I was sitting on the floor with difficult child - who was about a year old - in my lap, quietly listening to music. All of a sudden he raises up, stretches his arms out in front of him, and says, "I can't see! I can't see!" Being the compassionate wife that I was, I looked at him, then reached over and turned up the radio.

    So, I talk to him today. And he tells me...


    That he was in the ER on Tuesday because he was having a heart attack, but they were able to stop it.


    And he has to go in next week to find out how many stents he needs.

    Ummm...that's not how they do it. They don't stop a heart attack and send you home. They don't tell you how many stents you need. They do a cath and they stent you then and there if needed.

    Some things never change.....

    Oh, and I'm sending him a bill going back 9 years for what I've paid for in dental bills for difficult child.

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    :rofl:OMG, Heather!!!!! I know people like this!!!!!

    Itemize the bills as much as you can just to be annoying.

    Oh - and the radio? ALL THE WAY UP? Hee hee!
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    Are you sure we weren't married to the same guy? Useless Boy is so sick, all the time, poor baby...too sick to help his widowed, aged mother with yard work, too sick to attend his only daughter's birthday parties, and even ended up in the ER after we separated because his testicles were twisted (I did not), and it was life threatening. I did give him points for creativity on that one, however.

    Irritating and frustrating. Sending a swift kick in the ex's direction, and many hugs to you.
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    Sis-in-law spent some time in the US when she was 18 years old. Towards the end of her trip she got involved with a guy and it seemed to be getting serious. She had to return home on a certain date, it was all pre-booked a year earlier. But in the last few days, this guy told her that he loved her and wanted her to stay; that he was dying of a hereditary genetic disorder which had killed his father, he said he had only just been diagnosed with this disease (at age 20), the doctor had said he only had six months left to live and that he wanted to spend the last bit of time he had, with her. It really upset her, she got off the plane back in Australia and told us she wanted to go straight back as soon as we could arrange it.

    We talked, we gave her time to settle back in and I asked her what he had been diagnosed with. She told us, "Cystic fibrosis."
    I dug out information for her on cystic fibrosis - I pointed out that it is NOT something you live with undiagnosed for very long at all, they would have known there was a problem in infancy and without treatment he would not have survived to reach his teens. As for his father having it and passing it on to him - most unlikely, especially when he had said that his dad also went undiagnosed until adulthood (ie fathered a son without realising that he had a terminal genetic disorder). Sorry - CF isn't like that.

    As she took this information on board, sis-in-law began to get very angry. What had this guy been trying to prove? With the benefit of a few decades of life experience, I think I know. I think this guy was miffed that this girl was leaving when he wanted her to stay. I think he was also miffed that her departure was taking a lot of attention away from him and he wanted some attention back, he wanted her to focus on him and not on her imminent departure. Because this really messed with her head, it was a really cruel thing to do to her.

    She did go back to the US to visit the people who she had lived with for that year. And yes, this guy was there at a party thrown in her honour. Three years later, and two and a half years after he should have been dead, according to the lies he told her. He greeted her, brazenly acted as if they could pick up right where they left off. But she turned to him, said, "You're supposed to be dead," and stalked off.

    Hmm... how old is your ex? Did he ever live in the midwest...?