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    My cousin came home from England this past Easter for a visit. She made this to drool for fruit dip. Someone help me please! I can't stop eating it! No kidding, we go through the biggest bags of grapes in a single day, cartons of berries etc. We can't get enough. I swear I'd eat this dip and green seedless grapes in place of normal meals if I didn't know it wasn't a balanced eating plan ;)

    For those interested, or to help those with kids who don't particularly gravitate to fruit, I'll post the simple recipe. Not only is it NOT bad for you, it is actually GOOD for you. Chalk full of probiotics and protein.


    1 full size container of Plain Greek 0% yogurt (has 18g of protein in 3/4 cup, 120 calories, 0 fat, only 2 grams of sugar)

    Mix in a splash of fresh squeezed lemon or a lemon juice, a small splash of vanilla extract and Splenda brand brown sugar to taste.

    The color turns slightly caramel and there is no magic amount of lemon and vanilla or BS, just start with small amounts and alter by adding a bit at a time until desired sweetness.

    I used to get upset with easy child's father for putting prepacked fruit dips in her school lunch bag, full of sugar and fat and empty calories. Now I have no problem with her enjoying dip and it is helping her enjoy fruits that before she found too bitter etc. So she not only gets the health benefit of the yogurt but also the benefits in different types of fruit. The deal we have is each new container of dip I make, we must choose a single piece of new fruit we've never had and share it completely and then we can eat whatever we like with it. Our latest find was delicious Asian pears. I never enjoyed the texture of the pears commonly sold. Asian pears are similar, yet completely different. We are now fans.
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    omg this sounds amazing. I am going to make it this weekend~
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    S/O just ruined the fact that at least at this time of night when I shouldn't eat, I was eating grapes and berries. Then he went and turned up in the living room handing me a hot from the oven chocolate chip cookie. So unfair! I knew I smelled something delicious but he said it must be neighbors. I told him that he must hide them, now. I'll just eat this one and feel less guilty because of all of the fruit ;)
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    There's no magic amount of BS at our house, either.

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    I was thinking the same thing Witz! :winnersmiley:
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    OMG That's the second time I put my mouth in it via typo together. On Stars ipod app thread I said my ipod had a built in wife. It's late and apparently I need sleep!
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    :) I just can't help being a smart aleck lately. It's menopause. That's my story and I'm sticking to it for at least 5 more years.
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    Witz - ya needed a spit warning on that one - ROFLM app off.......

    And here is a COUPON for SPLENDA!!!!!! Brown sugar is expensive -----so maybe go in with someone and split a bag of it?
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    Ewwwwwww ME TOO!

    (claps like on wheel of fortune) GOOD ANSWER! GOOD ANSWER!!!!!!!!