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    I have to say that even though it's onlly been a week, easy child is really committed to this WW program. She had a DECA competition on Thursday away from school. They were not providing lunch and the kids were going to eat at the food court of a local mall. She sat down with her "eating out" guide the night before and planned on where she would eat based on points. Then last night, I was outside having a cig and she came out with the food guide book. She and her boyfriend and another couple are going to a new Mexican place for dinner tonight. She had looked up mexican food and was looking at options. She said she could have 12 chips and noone would be the wiser that she was counting how many she ate!

    I'm so glad that in the first week of our new program, she sees that she can live with it - it really is a true lifestyle change :woohoo:.

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    :bravo: She is a good example of planning for success. Give her a hug for me.
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    This is really great and encouraging. It feels good to see the momentum of our collective positive energy having an impact!
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    Oh Yes :woohoo: They gave out a free bar Tuesday night at the meeting and easy child and bought a box after the meeting. They are delicious!!!!! easy child also likes the sourdough pretzel snack bags for 2 points. She was going to the mall after school yesterday and while her friend had an icecream, she pulled the pretzels out of her purse!!!!!

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    :cheers:Good for easy child!!!!!!!! :woohoo:

    by the way, I tried one of those bars today-they were yummy!!!
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    What a great post!!! I'm very happy that your easy child is doing so well!!! :bravo: WFEN
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    I LOVE her philosophy - KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK KIDDO!

    Honestly - WHAT an inspiration!