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    So far Travis is doing well at college. He is getting along with his roomates, one of whom is also legally blind and who's vision is actually worse than Travis'. (that's saying alot) Seems I'm not the only mother who figured 4 boys (I say boys.....they're all about 23 yrs old) couldn't burn down the apartment by eating those Ramen noodles. :tongue: Travis said it's been their staple since they got there. lol But he has been SOCIALIZING!! He's attended several student events already. Now how do you get a kid who is autistic to socialize you ask?? You give him very little to eat....then have student functions that always offer free food! :rofl:

    The real shocker has been that Travis has been calling home. Guess he misses us. He enjoyed our visit today when we brought him the rest of his clothes and a few groceries to help him out, things I could buy dirt cheap at Aldi's.

    Nichole is MOVED OUT! She has a really cute apartment that she can afford with or without boyfriend. I admit to being stunned he actually followed thru and moved in with her. But already he's on her case she doesn't make enough money, work enough hours, and that they'll be homeless in less than 3 months.:mad: The girl works 10 hrs a day up to 6 days a week.

    So I am officially an empty nester. :D

    Which is a good thing since yet again Fate has decided to slap us upside the flipping head.

    husband lost his job. This time not due to anything he did. We get to thank the lovely economy. This time since he's only been with the company for "officially" about 18 months we're not sure he'll be elegible for unemployment, but he's going to try for it anyway.

    OMG!! I took it as if he had told me he'd stubbed his toe. I think I've had too much too close together to react normally. I'm worried........we could lose everything very quickly if he doesn't get unemployment. But I'm no where near as worried as I'd normally be.

    I'm more than a bit angry at it. Although for once not really at husband, just at the way things are in general. Sick and tired of getting thru one mess just to have another waiting to spring itself onto me.

    But our bills will be vastly less without Travis and Nichole at home. I bought enough food yesterday to keep husband and I going for quite some time......and have an order to be picked up in mid sept from Angelfood Ministries.

    I'm determined I'm still going to school even if I have to borrow gas money from easy child to get there. By darn I babysat Darrin for 3 yrs for free so she could get her schooling, she can return the favor by helping me with gas money. Walking away from school won't solve anything.

    And if things go really bad I've already made arrangements for the pets. easy child will take Rowdy and Molly, Nichole will take Betsy and Bruce. The dogs are so into the family........I know the older dogs would not readjust, and none of us can even think of Betsy leaving the family she was born into.

    husband could very well not find work. I've spoken about the job market around here. I've told him I don't want him trying in Cincy until he's tried to find work here. This last year with the company was costing us a small fortune in gas......and honestly it really wasn't paying him to work for them anyway. So he's going to a job fair with Nichole next sat, and hitting the temp companies in the area that hire for the big factories around here.

    I've reached the point of the proverbial straw and the camel's back. One more thing happens and I'm probably gonna need a padded room and some heavy duty medications of my own.

    Prayers would be greatly appreciated. The power of this board is astounding and we could sure use some of it. I miss you all so very very much.

    Oh, and we're still trying to get internet and phone back. husband will need them to look for work anyway. Buying minutes for the cell phones is OMG!!!:surprise: Cheaper just to have it put back in.

    Wow. This didn't turn out quite as whiney and pity partyesh as I thought it might. lol:tongue:

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    Lisa, it sounds that you have found some inner peace. I learned long ago that freaking out and panicking won't do anything to change the situation, so when things go wrong, I accept the situation and begin looking for solutions to solve the problem(s). Eventually, after the freaking and crying and worrying, I would have to do so anyway, so I just skip to that step. Bad things happen. Good things happen. That is simply the way life works. I'm glad Travis is doing well. And you go Nicole. Doesn't look like she'll have boyfriend there for very long, huh. And if worse comes to worse, you could always move in with her---(looking for the corner right now---Star--where are you?).
  3. Lothlorien

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    Prayers that the job market opens up and he finds something soon.

    I'm glad Travis and Nichole are doing well. At least there's a silver lining to that dark grey cloud, right now!
  4. flutterby

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    I'm so sorry that husband lost his job. Something you really didn't need right now. I would think he would be eligible for unemployment. I've seen people work places for far less time get it.

    I am very happy for Travis and Nichole.

    I, too, think you have found your inner peace. I tend to do a little crying and freaking out for a day or two. Then hoover it up and get to work on what's next.

    You always land on your feet. I have no doubt this time will be any different. And I'm a firm believer that things happen the way they are supposed to. We don't usually see it until hindsight, but it's always been that way for me and just about everyone else I know.

  5. susiestar

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    I am glad the kids are doing well.

    I am so sorry your husband lost his job. Mine lost his about 3 weeks ago. I hope your husband can get unemployment. He should, since he lost the job through no fault of his own.

    Many hugs and prayers!! Don't quit school - it is your ONLY route to a life with-o major crisis like this.
  6. 1905

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    I'm sorry husband lost his job, he'll be able to get Unemployment, also there are extensions. My brother in law lost his job June 08, and he can still collect for another year. You should be ok for awhile. I know it's still a worry, but maybe he'll get something better.

    Awesome news about Nicole out on her own! And glad she's not dependent on boyfriend for the apt. She works so hard, I'm sure you're very proud of her-I'm proud of her!

    As for Travis-WOW! Good for him!

    I can relate to -as soon as you take care of one problem, another comes's a never ending treadmill, I've been on it forever! I guess that's life!
  7. Star*

    Star* call 911

    EW - I was doing one of those home rennovations with thank you for Daisy - I read the post and thought -(wiping hand across face slowing - daaaaaaaaaaanggg it Skipp we had better add extra padding to the corner) So someone go get Daisy - now......shhhh shhhhh shhhhh

    DAISY - (who has on blindfold) the board got read your post and everyone got together and called the home show. Everyone yell -MOVE THAT BUS!!!!!

    See? Isn't it a lovely corner ?:tongue: pft.......a place you can call your very own. (ducks the raised eyebrows and tears)

    Daisy - honey - ugh...what a punch to the gut. I have been there so many times like you and I think...ack. Then I look up at heaven and I think "Okay God - either you really like to see me squirm, or I was a real ******* in a former life, or you think I'm made of tungsten steel carbide and someone could pour lava over me and I could survive and then I laugh and then I cry, and then I used to get depressed and NOW I get busy. Sounds like you already got busy and that's to be commended girl. ;)

    Sometimes when we face so MUCH adversity in our lives it's easy to think that we're being picked on, or that we're not the favorite daughter or that we're just doing something wrong. That's pretty natural to feel that way. Even now I get like that and become frustrated and it doesn't take much to get in a rut and want to just stay in the house and cover my head, sleep or watch tv and do nothing with my life but let it go by me. It's obvioulsy harder to face adversity every day and do something with nothing and make it look like anything. But like EW said - crying and being upset and being angry in the end get you NO where farther than you were if you had tried to do something - so you may as well do what you can.

    You absolutely know you're in our prayers and have the chicken liver dance - Stang MUST THAW....(she has them on another post for Loth's dog) I have tape - so it's a Pow Wow for sure in the moon light.

    Sending all the power I can to ya hon!! Like my skinny sister tells me all the time - because she's a witch and I'm heavy - "Keep your chins up." - you just wait until I'm thin again - I'm the pretty one. hahah. Then we'll see who has chin(s) - ha.

    Hugs & Love
  8. KTMom91

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    I don't even know what to say.

    Glad Travis and Nichole are doing well. husband's unemployment is truly one more thing you did not need, but I'll keep my fingers crossed that something turns up for him. I remember all too well that sick feeling of "we could lose everything, and then what?"

    Many gentle hugs to you.
  9. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    I'm sorry things are so worrisome. I hope this bad economy passes.

    Yay!!!! for Travis. It's great for him.
  10. witzend

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    Lisa, here are the requirements to be eligible for unemployment in Ohio.

    There are two types of requirements. The first type of requirement is monetary (weeks and wages). The applicant must:
    • Be unemployed at the time of filing; and

    The second type of requirement is non-monetary (unemployment must be through no fault of the applicant).

    Here's what he needs to do to apply:

    To file a new application for Ohio unemployment benefits, or to restart an existing Ohio claim, you can:

    • File online at for immediate claim service. Access our Web site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Limited service may be available while our system is being updated nightly. Check the Web site for available service. If you do not have access to a computer, visit your local library or One-Stop Center. They have computers available for the public's use.
    • File by telephone at 1-877-OHIOJOB (644-6562). Telephone hours are 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Monday - Friday (except holidays). Peak call times are Monday and Friday. For faster service call on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, or file online. When you call, please be sure to have paper and a pencil ready. For TTY service dial toll free: 1-888-642-8203.
    Get that internet going, because he will definitely need it to apply for work! And your farm needs some work, too, girl!
  11. rlsnights

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    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ positive vibes coming your way
  12. DammitJanet

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    Well this all just hoovers. I tend to be so used to layoffs that they dont even much effect me anymore. We cant even get unemployment so it is like unpaid vacation here. We are having one right now.

    Something happened at this last job and it has fallen through. Something to do with hours and money and checks missing the appropriate amount of time that should be paid to the man who pays Tony and his crew...I get the gist of it but dont get involved. Tony doesnt like to get involved in this part of the job because he isnt paid to do it but he is expected to work the job as a foreman or lead man but not get paid to be one. Totally unfair to him. If he has to put up with the headaches, he should get the pay I would think. No one else has to give up their weekends to work and deal with this stuff. Plus get called a liar by the general contractor! Ticks me off.
  13. trinityroyal

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    So very sorry to hear about husband's job. Based on the information posted by Witz it looks like he will qualify for unemployment.

    As for Travis and Nichole, great news.

    Saying prayers and sending many hugs.
  14. Hound dog

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    Bless all of you. :)

    EW..........I think I've been thru this so many times before that I just skip the falling apart stage. lol I couldn't even manage to work up a good set of any emotion over husband losing his I didn't bother.

    Witz bless your heart you've releaved both our minds. husband will be filing as soon as his severance check arrives as by then the co will have their end of paperwork done. Plus now we have the computer it will be faster and easier for him to do so.

    Starbie dear, we think so alike it's almost scarey. lmao I often think that in a past life I must've been the most evil and vile person. lol And also have thought God must think I'm made out of steel. But then I think of mother in law who slipped over the edge simply because her house didn't sell instantly........and I think that maybe adversity is a good thing afterall. I just wish I could catch a break inbetween each one.

    Thanks for the chicken dances, good thoughts, encouraging words, and prayers. If we do lose everything..........I'm moving in with easy child and sister in law :rofl: