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    Kiddo and I tried bidding in a local auction online. Couldn't afford the interesting stuff we really wanted but did see a few things go for as low as $25. So we figure WTH, we'll toss out one when we see another $25 bid, what are the chances we'll land it, right? Right.
    Smack me stupid, we won one.
    However, I don't know HOW we'll move it, IF we can lift it, IF we can get it up the stairs, or IF we can make room for it in our apartment.
    What did we win for $25? Part of a shipwreck. Seriously. Of all the *&*^& things we could have won (and tried to, one item went for $7500).
    If we manage this, the cat will have a cool hidey-hole and we'll have one heckuva conversation piece.
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    HaoZi, you crack me up ! That will be one very interesting conversation piece !
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    Aw man, I'm soooooo jealous.

    But that would so be my luck. Which is why I steer clear of auctions I'm afraid I'll scratch my nose or sneeze or something at the wrong time. :rofl:

    Seriously though, what a conversation piece!
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    I think you are insane but in the most interesting way possible ;).
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    I must be insane. I've also figured out that the door won't open as wide as I thought, and remembered that there's a wall by the front door that will also be a hindrance. This is presuming that A) Kiddo and I can lift this thing, B) we can fit in my smallish SUV without losing it on the way home, and C) we can get it up the stairs and over the railing, because I have no help to get it in through the balcony like the way the couch came in.
    Providing we can manage all that (and hopefully it's not falling apart), rearranging the furniture will be an adventure.

    HD, I attended the auction online, and that's one of the reasons why!
  7. Star*

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    Haozi????? (I'm getting over being an auction virgin) I forget what they told me at my last auction but I was uber aggressive, and really savy about an item that I was "bid up" on for an item that was in a lot that there was only one thing I wanted (a stick pony from Romper room) I collect stick horses. Don't ask me why - I just like em. And this Romper room one? Was from MY past, old, moldy and I wanted to rescue him. So the bidding started, I had a price point, it was the ONLY thing I bid on all day - and of course it was when I went to the restroom or to get drink. They promised me it would go alone so no one would bid on it. They stuck it with some older Fisher Price toys and BAM it became the center of attention. So some moron bid me up and then this is where I got savy - I didn't want the roly poly thing I wanted the stick horse. HE wanted the roly poly thing so I went to him, made him an offer to BUY the roly poly thing and he tried to get it cheap and I said "Had you just kept your mouth shut? You could have gotten it for nothing - I would have literally given it to you, now since you've peaved me off and bid me up? You're going to pay for the lot, and I'm getting MY horse free." So he did. And thas' how I got my pony for free that day - he wanted it - he got it, and he paid for his big mouth." Dummy.

    But before that one? I bid on a shed to get a bakers rack and ended up cleaning the entire thing out - AND DID NOT KNOW you could GO TO THE SITE (this is the part I want you to be aware of) THE DAY BEFORE AND DO A WALK AROUND and inspect the items. This gives you an idea on size of the shipwreck, weight of the Queen Mary, and logistics of number of crew members it will take to dock her or weigh anchor over the port side of the sea wall, whether you'll need a yard arm to get it onto the poop deck, and how many deck hands that will take. TRUST me...MY thought was - OH I won the shed!!! All of it ? For $20 bucks? I'll take what I want and leave what I don't!! Goodie! Nope - You take it ALL - and dispose of it at YOUR cost......NEVER EVER again. It took me an 18 foot car trailer and 2 days - to get rid of all the cra........pretty things. I still am making money BUT WOW - the grumbling from Poppa bear? NOT WORTH IT.....NOT WORTH IT AT ALL. The ONLY REALLY cool things out of it all? Contacting the people whose Mom owned the house and had died - and whose sister was give POA - and SOLD everything even to her siblings - and Giving THEM back all the important paperwork, bibles, Sunday school certificates - books that were theirs from their childhood - that were worth money - but better to see the look on this mans face when I met him and gave him back his childhood ----wasn't much - the roaches and weather had gotten most of it. After hearing that the SIster had made all the brothers BUY their Moms stuff? And SHE never had anything to do with their Mom? It made me NEVER want to do another Absolute auction again. Or If I do? Never get involved with the people because it's just too hard to know these things came from someones memories. (was for me anyway). I found her watch and took it and had it cleaned and gave it back, I washed up some very nice doilies and monogrammed hankies and teatowels and crocheted things for the granddaughters and great grands - who got NOTHING of their Grandmas. I found a few die cast cars for the boys, and a few things I thought were special things of hers and cleaned them and wrapped them up. I just felt like I was taking their memories -

    I saved the Christmas ornaments that were hers. (the lady that passed) they were in pretty rough shape. I washed them and fixed a lot of them. What I wanted to do was wait until Christmas time and wrap them in a nice box and leave them on these peoples porch with a note saying I'm sure they had not thought about trying to get some of her hand made Christmas ornaments when she passed and all this went on. They were really beautiful things. I Figured it would be nice for each of the kids, grands and great grands to have an ornament of hers because I'll tell ya - 50 % of what I got in that shed? Christmas and Easter lol. So anyway I had them all clean and ready to go - in a nice Christmas bag - and when I met with the man ? I decided to tell him what I had planned on donig - but figured IF I moved between now an then or IF they did or I lost their number or address? I didn't want to take a chance on loosing them - So I handed him the box and said tell your wife "Merry Christmas" and he was so funny - he got choked up. Over a box of ornaments for petes sake. It was neat. Made me so tickled to know I was right - they meant something. I mean what - a few bucks to me at a flea market but a lot more to them.

    I'm glad it worked out the way it did. But It will be a while before I do another auction....or Absolute...for sure. Even the last estate I did was hard - the people were there in the back of the house and their stuff was going for so cheap......people were so greedy --------I felt bad for them. Sounds like your guy made out a little better though.....And your cat too.

    Hope you got your ship -----ahoy! lol

    Just if you do it again - ALWAYS find out when the walk around date is. Just a tip.
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    Star, we did walk around on Saturday. I even looked at the boat, but it's hard to get a look at something that's 10 feet over your head and up against a wall. I also didn't expect to win it. It was almost the end of the auction and everything we wanted that I bid on up to my price limit ended up going for 10x what I could pay or more. I'd seen some things I wasn't overly interested in end up selling for $25, so when the boat came up I said WTH and clicked the $25 bid button. I never thought I would win the way things had been going prior to that.
    If it doesn't disassemble or something I'll be calling the zoo to see if they'll take it as a donation for their underwater exhibit. Luckily the zoo is right around the corner from the museum, and I'm sure if they want it they have a truck that can fetch it.
  9. Star*

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    HOLY TITANIC - I just spit cake out on my desk.......YOu actually bid on a real SHIP WRECK???? I thought you were metaphorically speaking.

    OMG ROTFLMoarsOFF..........OMG someone toss me a life preserver -----Im going down again.....rotflm..........(oh I can't think of anything I'm laughing too hard) I can't eat cake and type at the same time.
  10. TeDo

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    :hammer::slap:Consider yourself smacked!!! LOL
  11. Shari

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    At'll learn ya....

    (altho, I must say, it is cool - and it would be really cool in cgfg's glittery ocean room...)
  12. Hound dog

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    OMG! That's HUGE!!!

    And again I am sooooooooooo jealous. lol

    Dear I have a HUGE house with BIG rooms, and I don't think it would fit...........

    Star.........There was an auction for some of mother in law's by husband's bro. We didn't attend. His mom and dad rarely threw anything away. But while most of the stuff that was sold needed to be sold and no one either had room for nor really wanted......still sort of hurt me to see it go that way. After that was the yard sale for stuff that didn't get sold. husband was peeved because he found out his expensive german crystal had been accidentally auctioned. I told him to hush. We'd been married all those years and NEVER used it, nor would I. They were wine glasses and I don't drink wine. And they brought mother in law some much needed money.

    But your story made MY heart ache because I have all of mother in law's old xmas decor.........OLD like from the 1930's. I have the very first ornament that father in law gave to her. The santa is in pretty bad shape now and he's not used. I also have the angel tree topper she used since they were first married. She goes on top of our tree every year. I think the family would skin me if she didn't. And Darrin........keeps asking for this super cool haunted house she made way back when easy child was just a little baby to put candy in. My kids loved it, so when she stopped doing halloween she gave it to me. Now my grandkids love it........and Darrin is already worried what will happen to it when I "go to heaven like Nana Elise". Problem is, Aubrey asks me the same thing. So there may be a fight over that lil house. lol

    I"ve went to yard sales where you could see families were selling off their parents lifetime worth of things. Always makes me so sad. But I'll tell you......when I buy something, usually very old something or other......I always treasure it.

    And girl, a ROMPER ROOM HORSEY!!!!!! OMG!!!!!! I don't collect them but I'll tell you I'd have HAD to have bid on that one! I was sooooooo hooked on Romper Room as a preschooler. :rofl:

    I want those old rubber skeaky toys that babies used to play with. They stopped making them but babies still love them. But I can never find them.
  13. Malika

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    Ha, ha. Good for you, HaoZi. The word "why?" does fleetingly dash across the mind - but I would defend every (wo)man's right to buy a (useless old) shipwreck :) :)
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    I'm still asking me why. I'm going to try to find out if the thing comes apart or not. If it does I might be able to put it in my storage unit. If not, the zoo is getting a call. Unless... Shari, I don't think you're that far from me, are you?
  15. Shari

    Shari IsItFridayYet?

    Not really. If you can convince husband to clean his junk up and keep it that way, I'd even consider picking it up. lol

    (I painted a mural on Wee's wall a few years ago and cgfg, then, wanted to paint her room, also. She wanted an ocean theme to it. I found a really cool metal wall art thing with dolphins and shells and sea weed all 3D-ish, and I painted more of the "scene" on the wall behind it, then the rest of her room is a deep aqua blue with varying colors of blue glitter all over the walls. It is really pretty, and the shipwreck would fit right in...if it physically fit in our house! lol)
  16. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Okay Hound - HAD I KNOWN>.......that you wanted those old squeeky toys?? About six months ago? I unloaded a TON of those toys -----and they were from the 40's, 50's ----and I got little to NOTHING for them. I mean they were OLD - like OLD.....I would have SURELY given them to you. I'm getting about () there to do EBay....and I've got cool old stuff coming out of my cool old stuff place. But I would have sent those squeeky toys to you - lol. Right now the only old thing kind like that I have is Gizmo - Christmas and non Christmas.

    HAOZI - girl - all I can say is EBAY.......that will sell.......or Craigslist.....I'm still cleaning up cake. (BUT WOW THAT IS AWESEOME TIMES TEN!) No wonder you bid on it!!!!! MAN that is just AWESOME!

    Did the shark come with it?
  17. Jody

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    Oh my goodness. I am almost speechless!!! How would you incorporate that into your home? Kiddo is probably excited???
  18. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Oh and if I were you -? I'd have TeDo as me first mate - She seems to have the smacking the capt. down pat. (but keep a weather eye out on the rest of this motley crew) I have it on good authority the run is ALWAYS gone.
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    I've sent an email to the zoo to see if they'll take it. The more I look at it the more certain I am that I could never get that thing from the museum to home, or where I'd put it if I could. If the zoo isn't interested maybe I'll see about hiring someone to move it here. Oy.
  20. AnnieO

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    Oy is right!!!

    It's cool, but whatever possessed you?! LOL...