Someone snuck something into Department of Juvenile Justice for difficult child!

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    And what was it?... Drugs? No.... Porn? No. ...Money? No.

    I open up the mail today and there was a b-day card from difficult child. He had written "Sorry this is so late, Mom, but you know, it's kind of hard to get one of these cards inside of this place to send to someone."

    I suppose he somehow talked a staff person into bringing him a blank card and envelope and mailing this out for him.


    Right or wrong, good or bad, in spite of all his efforts, my son will never be a typical kid. LOL! :faint:

    (I would have been happy with a letter saying "Happy B-day" but I will definitely keep this one as a reminder that my son marches to his own drummer and that will probably never change!)
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    How funny! How cute.

    My son smuggled in an entire pack of cigs and a lighter! Cigs were stuffed inside his shoe and the lighter was taped...well...taped to his scrotum!
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    He was determined!

    I take him today to talk to his lawyer about his case for driving while license revoked in Columbus County NC. Columbus County really has one of the nicer jails but they have really strict cops and They scare Cory to death. Small County. Not much for them to do but enforce the law!

    Cory got caught there for DWLR coming back from the beach at about 3 or 4am because everyone else was falling asleep at the wheel. The owner of the car did have license so the car was insured and tagged but he was a bit tipsy so he was falling asleep. Cory was ok to drive so he said...I will drive so we get home in one piece. They were less that 40 minutes from home. No one else on the road in a dark area so Cory had his brights on. He actually didnt even realize they were on since it was so dark out. Cop was parked on the side of the road. Cory wasnt speeding or doing anything else illegal. Cop stopped Cory because he didnt dim his headlights. It even said that on the ticket and Cop testified to that in Court. Cory thought all he would have to do is pay a ticket and go home. NOT! They ordered him to serve an active 120 day sentence back at the end of June. Cory bailed out in order to appeal his sentence.

    Well he got a court appointed lawyer earlier this month when he went to his first appearance in Superior Ct. Actually quite a good lawyer. In such a small county the lawyers are the same as if you hired It works the same in my county too but there are a much bigger pool to get one chosen from in my county so it isnt quite so obvious. I just found it funny when I saw one defendent decline a court appointed attorney to hire the guy that Cory got when getting a court appointed

    This lawyer was so gung ho wanting to help Cory. He wanted to do everything he could to get all Cory's driving stuff fixed. Cory just looked at him and said...we cant do that...Im unfixable, I hoovered it all up so many times, so long ago. Then he said...Im on probation because I stole from my momma. She turned me in like she needed to do. (Guy just looked at me like I had two I said yep, do it again tomorrow if he steals from me again. Cory just nodded. He said, I wrote checks on her account that were felonies. Im F'ed up for a long time. My fault, not hers.

    So now the guy says, well maybe we can get this ticket thrown out cause the cop shouldnt have pulled you over because you didnt do anything for him to pull you over. If he hadnt pulled you over, he wouldnt have discovered you DWLR. We have a good case for that. OR...we can probably plead you down to 30 days in jail and do it only on weekends. So today Cory is going to decide which to do. Risk the trial or take the plea. I think he is going to take the plea because he really was guilty.

    Of course, he also has Court tomorrow in our county for the exact same thing and that isnt even a contestable case...he was caught in a road block. Its his first appearance though here so he will get a court appointed lawyer and postpone this case till after he sees about this other case. Most likely our county will only give a fine. Our jail is too booked up.
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    Ya know what?? difficult child or not.........that's a kid who LOVES and appreciates his mother!!:D

    Soooooo many other things he could've smuggle in, but no, instead it's a birthday card for you. You just can't get any sweeter than that!

    by the way Happy Belated birthday. I hope you had a nice one.

    Janet.....his scrotum??? OUCH!! I hope court goes well for Cory tomorrow.

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    Klmno, that is sweet. That would have melted my heart had I gotten that from him.
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    Thanks, Lisa! He wants to make sure I let him come home, too. LOL!

    Loth, it did melt my heart. You know how it is- with a difficult child, we have to take any special moment we get and cherish it!

    Janet- I hope Cory gets off very light in both those situations. I have bitten my tongue when my son gets in trouble at school or wherever but when I know he's been trying and improving, it always pains me to have him get a severe punishment that only serves to set him backwards. Cory has been doing very well- a slap on the hand should suffice in this case!!
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    I have become so numb to whatever happens to Cory now that I just say..OK.

    I know I am a very waffling person in the detaching dept but if and when he gets this junk behind him and gets the jail time done with, AND after Xmas is over with, we are thinking of getting him a scooter. A new scooter. One that will actually last him a while. I think we will find a way to make the down payment on it and then make him make the monthly payments on it. I can make sure he does it out of his monthly check. He wants to take a course that will lead to a job and this way he will have a means of transportation to the course that I wont have to get up and take him every day.

    Ya know what is so stupid? If he hadnt stolen the money from me...that is what I was gonna buy him. A scooter! Instead, he stole the money from me, got 3 felonies and ticked me off so I wouldnt do it. He just didnt know it and didnt give me a chance to come home and actually give him his birthday present. Stupid boy.