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Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by JKF, Jan 13, 2013.

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    difficult child seems worse than ever recently. He's completely out of touch with reality. I have a very good friend who runs a group home for young adults with mental and behavioral problems. We were talking last night and she agrees that he's acting really strange. She thinks maybe he's schizoaffective. I looked it up and the symptoms describe him to a "T". The social worker is trying to get him mental health help and I hope that pans out. I hope he doesn't get himself into any trouble in the meantime. He thinks everyone hates him and that everyone is against him. He clearly needs medications ASAP!
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    I'm sorry JKF. Perhaps a way to look at this is that as he progresses further into his disorder, the symptoms he is experiencing, although so difficult on you, will help the professionals diagnose and better treat him now. If he gets into trouble and goes to jail, aren't you in contact with people in the system where he is who can assist him if that were the case? Sometimes things escalate and appear to be worse, but what is really happening is that things are getting clearer and then different choices can be made to help. I've experienced that so much with my difficult child, each step is hard but we gain more information, more insight, more of an ability to assess the big picture and find solutions even when it appears to be so dark. I hope the social worker finds help for him soon. I imagine you will be sharing your new information with the social worker and maybe this information will give them more access to services.

    It's so hard to be on the sidelines as our difficult child's are caught in their mental illness or substance abuse, I understand that. You've done such a good job of detaching and you've got a good handle on your "old" self, hold onto those positives as you walk through this next step. (((HUGS))))
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    That is a good way to look at it RE. Thanks for that perspective. And I do have a court contact - the mental health liaison- so I'm going to call him tomorrow morning. difficult child is still going through the court process on the theft charges so hopefully this guy can help.

    He keeps telling me these outrageous lies and the scary part is that he thinks these things are actually true. He's living in a fantasy world. It's really disturbing and it's getting worse by the day. He was never this out of touch with reality but then again this is the first time he's been off of medications in years. It proves that he really does need the medications to be stable.
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    Sending supportive thoughts and hugs your way. difficult child#2 (now 21) went off his medications at 18 when he returned to live with GFGmom. He had Schizoaffective added to his list of diagnosis's at 17. He became convinced that he had too many diagnosis's and the world just needed to accept him as himself. This year he went back on medications and is far more stable. I hope your son will find a healthy path soon. DDD
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    Thanks DDD. I really hope he can get medications soon and get stable. He's posting all sorts of weird stuff on Facebook. His last status said he wishes he could remove himself from existence. He's a mess. Ugggh!
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    JKF (tongue in cheek) he can always reach out to difficult child#2 who will teach him ALL about religion in forty hours of non stop talking if he allows. Good Grief! Somehow difficult child#2 managed to visit a few different churches with youth groups, pick up a few ideas here or there and now believes he "knows" all about the one and only religion. WTH! Ooops, sorry the irreverence but there is NO such religion as the one he espouses. When people on FB didn't respond well he avowed that they "couldnt' be saved". Yikes, this road is a challenge and I am rootin' for your survival. DDD
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    Oh boy DDD - that sounds....ummmm....not fun! lol Mine is obsessed with UFO's and alternate universes lately. He writes these weird, rambling posts and no one responds because really what does one say to something like that?? He has a made up job, a made up girlfriend, and has been on a ton of made up adventures lately. It's very scary because in his mind these things are absolutely real.

    I'm still doing a good job at detaching. If this was two months ago I would be paralyzed with fear and anxiety right now. But I know that there's nothing I can really do except what I'm doing. I try to help "behind the scenes" by making calls and trying to help him get services but there's only so much 'I' can do.
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    That's really sad. Glad you have options to call. Hope they can help too. Hugs
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    Ugggh! He's definitely in crisis mode. Wants to physically fight with people, thinks everyone is against him, hates his life, hates the world, etc. he's been posting things about his biodad on Facebook today - dad hates me, dad thinks I'm a disgrace, dad wishes I was never born - but I'm not sure why he's doing that all of a sudden. His dad is in prison and they haven't talked in two years so it seems a little out of the blue to me. I asked him if he would please go to the hospital but he said no - why bother- bc everyone will make fun of him. That makes no sense bc no one would have to know! I suggested that perhaps he needs some sleep but I doubt he'll take my advice. I'm staying calm and trying to diffuse him via text message.
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    (((((hugs))))) I am so sorry. This is one of the more scary diagnosis's because our loved one is in a fantasy world, and not always a good or fun fantasy worldl