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Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by Mikey, Apr 7, 2008.

  1. Mikey

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    Wow, I never cease to be amazed at how creative our druggie kids can be to beat the system. McWeedy started "working out" a lot last month, and taking a nutritional supplement from GNC called Creatine. He said it was to help him work out; and, since I've known several weightlifters and bodybuilders who use the stuff, I didn't think twice about it.

    Then, I find out that it's one of the most popular things to use to avoid a "diluted urine sample" from being detected. Creatinine, a byproduct of muscle use, is excreted into urine at specific levels. When you dilute a urine sample by drinking a lot of water (or even adding water to the sample), the Creatinine levels become abnormally low - hence, a diluted sample.

    Creatine breaks down (and is excreted as) Creatinine. Duh. Do a Google search on "Creatine supplement drug test" and see what you get. Right now, from what I see, the most popular way to use the stuff to beat a golden flow test is to (a) drink lots of water, (b) take a heavy dose of vitamins to give the urine some color, and (c) take stiff doses of Creatine to keep the Creatinine levels in the urine up. If you want to water down a sample, it seem that this is the best way possible.

    Ugh. What could these kids accomplish if they put all that brainpower wasted on beating drug tests into constructive stuff? Yeah, I know, what a pipe dream....

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    Simply amazing Mikey... The discoveries that we have as parents. (Shaking my head) Thank you for sharing. Their becoming so good at hiding their drug use definitely makes it harder for us parents to try and stay one step ahead.
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    Creatin can also lead to rhabdomyolysis which is a breakdown of the red blood cells and destroys kidney function. Sometimes temporarily, sometimes permanently. It is not a benign supplement.
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    Isn't it funny when you hear about something that you had never heard about before and then it's everywhere? My son's drug screen just last week had an abnormal Creatine level reported. I had no idea what that meant till I researched - yep, our genious must have lapped up about a gallon of h20 right before his test.

    It just keeps coming at us from every which way.:faint:

    SONS GONE WILD Moms goin' crazy

    My sentiments exactly!!!:crazy1:
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    NOLA - Do you know for sure if your son's taking the stuff? It's easy to spot, since every brand I've ever seen has "CREATINE" in big, bold letters across the front. It's usually sold in plastic bottles that look like big, plastic peanut butter jars; usually 1 to 3 pound containers, so they're hard to hide unless you really try - and who does? It's a legal and accepted (if somewhat dubious) "health" supplement. It's a white powder, almost the consistancy of sugar (only lighter).

    Was his level abnormally high or low? It takes several days for Creatine (the supplement) to be metabolized into Creatinine, and then excreted. Usually, like with McWeedy's two dirty UA's, it was an abnormally low Creatinine level that caused them to judge the samples as "diluted". Just goes to show that smokin' da herb screws your mind, since he obviously wasn't taking it right (or enough of it) to work, and got busted.

    For your son to have anormally high levels, he'd have had to be taking a whole lot of the stuff for several days, and from what I know about it that wouldn't be good.

    Reminds me of the bad old days in my youth of bodybuilding. I wasn't a doper, but a lot of my friends were (steroids weren't exactly illegal back then). Most of the humungus guys "cycled". They would take a particular 'roid coctail over a period of weeks, gradually changing the type and dosage, right up to the time of competition. Funny thing, though, the way a man's body compensates for an overabundace of testosterone. The end of the "cycle" usually involved shots of HCG (growth hormone) to kickstart the family jewels into normal function again.

    Drugs to go up, then drugs to come down. Or, in my son's case, drugs and booze to get high, then massive doses of another substance to hide the fact (and sometimes, as I understand it, also drugs to come down off of other drugs).

    I really, really don't understand this world anymore. Sometimes, I feel like some innocent character out of Mr. Robert's Neighborhood that was suddenly brought to life and plopped down into the Tenderloin district of SanFran.


  7. NOLA

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    Sorry, I didn't mean to mislead - I don't think our goofus is taking the stuff (probably one of the few substances he isn't taking :( it's just that his Creatine levels were abnormal - in his case too low - I had no idea what that meant = downing too much water, etc. in his foolish attempt to pass the screen. At least thats what the PO told me.

    Boy, we get to learn all kind of stuff, like EVERY day.
  8. standswithcourage

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    Hey I think it is Mr. Rogers Neighborhood! I understand how you feel.
  9. nvts

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    Sorry to hear that he's gone "inventive" on you! If only they'd put this much effort into school!

    I wish I had some advice, but at least you can vent somewhere!

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    I used to teach adult school, and had some very interesting students. I learned more than I ever suspected about altering drug tests, the amount of time substances stay in your system, what to do to clear your system, false positives, etc.
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    I got a job at a large insurance company and of course had to pass a drug screen. Well that was in my early 20's and yes I smoked pot. So I ditched the pot a good month before my test, but was still nervous. I passed and got the job.

    I met a girl there that smoked a lot and I ask her how she passed. She actually got a friend to give her some urine. She placed it in a glass tube and put it up inside herself. I could not believe it.

    So it's not just todays kids that get inventive!!

    I am way passed that point now - once I had my kids all the illegal behavior was dumped. My kids are too important to me.
  12. DDD

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    Around here the users know who is "smart enough" to use the cleanser and who isn't.
    Yep...if you are "smart" your tests come out normal. Not too high or low.

    One kid has been sent to prison for a year and a day because three times he "thought" he could beat the UA. Sad. DDD
  13. Star*

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    Want to watch "McWeedy" relieve himself of the "golden stream?" Tell him his PO is pulling hair. If they get a false negative - they do have the right to test hair - and HAIR tells you WAY more than ganja!

    Creat-ive boy will not be able to wash soothing-hemp out of his hair with anything - it sticks.

    _Well you know I'm inherintly evil. :devil2: