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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by robinm1922, Jan 27, 2009.

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    I have gotten to the point of looking at my difficult child and thinking is that a new symptom.... There are a couple of things that I think are relevant one she is ALWAYS tired no matter what time of the day when you ask how she is doing she says tired! It is a little better since switching to Celexa but she still naps almost daily. The next is having clothing sit on her tummy, going back to when she was in diapers she didn't want any clothing to sit on or over top of her belly button (meaning pants). If the pants go above her belly button she can't / won't wear them. She will wear shirts that cover but not pants?

    The newest thing I noticed the last couple of weeks, if she is on a floor of the house by herself IE upstairs while my husband and I are downstairs and she is in the bathroom she has to run the water in the sink. I heard it running last night and went to find out why it was running so long. She told me when she got out of the bathroom that it is too quiet when she is alone and she runs it for noise? What is that, is it anything sounds not right to me. I did tell her if she needed noise to run the bathroom fan.
    Am I trying to read something that isn't there?

    I don't know seems like the more you "dig" into different issues the more diagnosis it could be.

    Have a great night all!
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    Hi Robin--

    My impression are that these two things are really nothing to worry about.

    I know if pants go as far as the belly button today--they are SUPER uncool...and that may be why she cannot/will not wear them.

    Running water to create a little "white noise" instead of hearing every little sound when the house is quiet? A lot of people don't like things to be too quiet. Maybe she could play some music instead of wasting water.

    Just my two cents...

  3. robinm1922

    robinm1922 One day at a time

    Excellent feedback and makes perfect sense, I am trying not too over analyze every little thing. I need to stop looking so hard and let things be as they are mostly just be aware.

    Thanks that was more than just two cents!
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    Two possibilities: very different. And I wouldn't have a clue which is which, but I'd lean toward the first. The first is that the child has trouble sleeping with ANY noise. I'm like I need white noise or a silent house, so guess what happens? I run a fan all year round, even in winter so it blocks out televisions in other rooms, footsteps, etc.
    The other, a very remote possibility is that the child could be hearing voices and want the noise to block it out. Again, I would suspect the first unless the child is alluding to people who talk to her who aren't there etc. If she has only been on Celexa a little while (up to three months) she COULD be having side effects. Takes a while for Celexa to build up in your system and while SSRIs can be a dream come true they can also have bad side effects. All depends on the child. Good luck ;)
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    Robin, fatigue can be a symptom of depression, or it can be a side effect of an SSRI. You might want to run it by the psychiatrist.

    My three kids wear their pants well below their belly buttons -- always have, I suspect always will. They think I'm square to wear my pants at my waist.

    Running the water could have to do with her anxiety, or it could have something to do with an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) ritual. Does she have a therapist you could talk to about this, who in turn could talk to her to see what might be going on?

    Hang in there.