Something scary happening in our town

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    We have had a rash of missing persons in our smallish size town. It is not the norm for people to remain missing. Today a local woman missing since last week was found. No details on cause of death yet as it was just announced by family that she was found. She was a Special Education teacher in our town. So sad. We have other disappeared youngish men that have never been found and there is a growing ideology that they are connected. It is frightening!
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    That would make me uneasy too. I imagine everyone is being ultra cautious. Sorry you have to deal with it. Hugs DDD
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    Sounds ominous. Any pattern at all? Day of the week, moon phase, weather, time, place?
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    Haozi, while this recent young mother/teacher doesn't seem to fit (she was driving her car when last seen, she was found 6 days after going missing etc), the younger men seem possible to be connected. Not as in they know each other or even common people, haven't heard anything to the like. But they all were somewhat vulnerable at the time of disappearance, none have accessed their bank accounts, no positive sightings that have been confirmed, etc.

    On went missing from our psychiatric hospital. They have since merged with our new general hospital but the old site was way up a highway, set way back from the road, treed in etc. He may have walked out to the highway but from there who knows. Another was from here but was about an hour away (up the same highway as the psychiatric hospital) at a cottage or something. He left angry after arguing with family and was thought to be hitching back here to go home. No hint that he might just be super mart about disappearing on his own accord, no confirmed sightings etc. Also it doesn't sound like the fight was something that would make him ditch his life, it sounds like how things happen with every family from time to time. His family has been tireless in searches, organizing dogs, helicopters, divers etc and although its been I think 2 years now they keep it in the news, keep his search alive via social media, etc. Another was from across the provincial border but was here in town visiting friends. He was last seen at a downtown bar. He was refused entry due to intoxication but his friend went ahead in and he was last seen leaving that bar to head a few blocks away to his friends. The second man I mentioned whose family is tirelessly continuing to search and find answers, when searchers were looking for him they stumbled on remains that ended up NOT being this young mans but rather a body left there even earlier than he'd gone missing. They have had no luck with DNA etc to match this body with missing persons in our country. The remains of this man were decomposed rendering cause of death unidentified but it does make you wonder. The second man that left the cottage after a family argument, some of his property was located in a wooded area but no sign of him or how his property got there. So many areas have been searched looking for him, that even with others missing, those areas do not possibly hold those others either. It is not easy to completely disappear a body as it looks in the movie. If something bad happened to them all, which it sounds like it did, it is odd that not one has had their body found. So if 4 separate killers were in our region it would be a statistical rarity for sure seeing as we have not a single unsolved murder here on the books. We rarely have any murders, years can go by. And the ones that occur are normally a mentally ill person turning on a loved one, or a matter of domestic violence. In my lifetime we've had only the following murders: when I was young a girl my age was killed (by my former downstairs neighbor), in my late teens a teen about 17 yrs old was killed in daylight in a short path cutting through a very small wooded area behind a mall on her way home. It took a few years but they caught the guy. Behind the mall is the bus station and he was wandering through and in between transfers did this to that young lady. There as a man killed as part of an organized crime thing, people were caught practically right away. I can't recall any other than these three, and I was born here. So something is up even if this isn't all done by one person. But it would make more sense for one person to be responsible than for mulitiple murders to occur so close together and all being younger men (20's) who at the time they disappeared were not at their best: one intoxicated and in a strange town, one wandering to a highway from a psychiatric hospital and one hitching on the same hwy while upset from a family disagreement. The fourth who knows. But obviously vulnerable person as otherwise he would have been identified via dental or DNA from the missing persons list. It's been probably 3 years since this man would have died (the state of body made it hard to decide how long since death) and still nobody putting out a call to find a missing loved one. Lends one to figure this person was on the fringe of our society, alone and without even a employer or landlord to notice a sudden disappearance.
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    That's really scary! I wonder if the case of the woman is connected in any way with the missing young men? Usually it seems like those people target one type of person, like only young women, etc. It must be awful for the families.

    That young girl, Holly Bobo, has been missing here in Tennessee for over two months now and not a sign of her! She's the pretty little 20-year old who was abducted from her carport by a man in camoflage as she left the house to go to her nursing school classes. They found some of her belongings in the woods and have gotten some tips but nothing has panned out. Her family lives about twenty miles from me off the road that runs between my house and where my son lives. He knows many of her family members. Thousands of searchers came up with nothing. Not really surprising though. It's such a rural area with miles and miles of woods, a huge road project going on with lots of land clearing and dirt being moved around, a river nearby, and there's a huge State Park in the area. You have to feel so sorry for the families in cases like this. I pray that she will be found alive and well, but if she isn't, I hope that they will find her body so her parents willl at least have some closure. If they never find her body, her parents will be looking for her all their lives, checking every face in the crowd for someone who looks like her. I must be a nightmare for families whose loved ones are "missing".
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    We had a rash of that several years back. Young girls about 13ish. They found the girls, none alive. Never found the person doing it that I ever heard.
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    I think Donna is right so this really is weird. I think I'd be keeping in close contact with friends and family and keep an extra cautious eye open. I hope you remain ok and keep touching base in here so we know that. Hopefully, the police can pick up on some clues soon and get to the bottom of this.
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    Sounds like the boys were all out walking when they disappeared, right? My first though is someone who routinely uses the highway for business, and those bodies are far away. I'd look for similar patterns in other towns on that highway.

    Thousands go missing in the U.S. alone every year. Most people don't really think about just how much space in the U.S. is still "wild" or close to it. That's a lot of square miles. Pretty sure in Canada that ratio of wild to inhabited is even higher, but I'd bet he picked them up and took them elsewhere first. Presuming one killer.

    If she looked boyish enough she may have been picked up by accident, hence her body being found sooner and closer. If it's not something more "domestic" like an ex, local stalker, etc or a robbery.
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    That all sounds scary. Makes me think we should chip our kids the way we do our pets. Have always thought it was a good idea, but I doubt it will ever happen. I have a friend who tried for about 5 years to get her best friend the vet to chip her sons. The vet knows she would lose her license and possibly go to jail if she did or even if she left my friend alone with the supplies and chips in her office.

    It seems far=fetched to think the disappearances are not connected, esp as you don't seem to live in a large urban area. I would caution your kids to be very careful. Your son because he seems to be in the right age range and your daughter because her father pushes her to look like a boy.

    Take precautions as much as you can, but don't let this rule your life. If you are not on a contract or are near the end, you might look into kajeet phones esp for daughter because they have an option to enable gps for 99 cents for each check. I think if they are available in your area it would be similar pricing. Otherwise look for a gps option for their phones. It might give you some peace of mind, Know what I mean??
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    Strange and scary...stay safe. Hope the police are able to figure this out.
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    OK, I can't sleep now. Scary just doesn't begin to describe it. I hope they find something soon.
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    I am sure we'll hear a bit more about the woman they found in the coming days. Something tells me it isn't related but time will tell. It is so odd that these young men are all missing in somewhat similar circumstances in our area where these things happen once a decade maybe and every one of the previous cases have been solved, bodies found etc.

    I'm not worried about me and mine at all, no worries there. I just find it so heart breaking for these families and I am hoping like mad that nobody else goes missing and that these young men are found, even if just for burial and closure.

    Matt no longer lives here, he's in a small town of 7,000 people and it is nearly a 3 day drive away. I am glad about that given his age and gender etc. easy child is still young enough that she is only alone on the streets when she walks to school a block behind our house. Actually this school she's been at since JK, it is being rebuilt starting when school ends next week. Next year they have a temporary school building across town (in a school now relocated to a new building, the building will house easy child's school for one year then be sold by the school board). She will be bussed next year and even that walk to school around the corner won't be happening. S/O and I are in most evenings, the most we'd be out after dark is together to go for a walk and grab a coffee. This area is very northern but I'm smack in the middle of town and there are always people around. I'm more worried for any young men who might disappear.

    I suppose there is a chance none of these cases relate to one another but I'd find it a anomaly statistically for sure.
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    Mattsmom -

    I wouldn't speculate as to what, who,why ----more than one person in a small town missing like this? Change YOUR patterns. People that are taken are watched - hardly ever taken at random. Their routines are studied. Carry mace and until someone is caught? EXPECT to be the person that is taken - have a heightened sense of awareness about ANYONE -

    Do NOT park next to a van. If you come out of a place and are parked next to one - either ask someone to walk with you to your car or enter from the passenger side.

    CHECK under the vehicle as you approach for feet.

    People are taken nowadays in broad daylight - stick to well populated areas and as a precaution? Carry a pen in your hands at all times - it doesn't look suspicious - but it could save your life - pointy end down. You can stab someone with it if need be.

    If you are caught by surprise - YELL FIRE FIRE FIRE - not HELP HELP HELP-------No one pays attention to HELP anymore.
    Yelling the word RAPE may be a good one to yell but it depends on the crowd. FIRE -----will get people to get involved.

    It's never too late to take a simple self defense class ----and have a police officer speak at a community center with a neighborhood watch group. You can organize this easily. 30 minutes could save a life -

    There are simple things that you can do to protect yourself people never think of - Walking with a rolled up magazine for instance -if confronted? You can literally injure someone with one if you know how to hit someone in the right spots and disable them long enough to run away.

    Maybe you can have someone that sells pepper spray come to sell it if you get an officer to speak - and carry them on the wrist if your kids are out walking ----too.

    Just tyring to think of ways to make sure everyone up in Canada is safe - at this point? I would NOT allow any of my kids out to go anywhere in groups of less than ten. And I think carpooling with two adults would be very popular right now.

    Sending your family and town hugs.
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    Star, all good advice and I'm sure if police find a connection or hint at the possibility, many here will be doing things such as you mentioned. For now there is no official comments coming, just speculation by residents at how odd it is to have it happen as it is, in our town, etc.

    I think it scary to ever even think a madman might be taking people anywhere, let alone if someone like that is operating in our own area. As for myself and my loved ones, we're all very hermited lol. We are just such a quiet bunch and honestly exposure doesn't occur much lol.

    Given that my first ever vehicle is a van I purchased in the fall that still isn't ready to get certified (need more $$), we still don't drive. Rarely I will take a bus, but that is only if S/O, easy child and I cross town together to go to the movie theater that is far away. Otherwise we're in our neighbourhood, smack in town, and we do walk around but in limited ways. I do my grocery shopping with S/O since physically I need the help, we walk there together. Many times, most times, I can't physically walk places even to the nearby stores. We mostly take taxis when we are going out, to the mall or grocery shopping etc. It's costly but necessary for me physically to retain my energy reserves to do the actual shopping etc. S/O does go off on his own and at my request has stopped using our bike path that goes all over town, just to make me feel better. He doesn't bike at night since he doesn't have a light and horn on his bike and our bylaws about having both of those after dark are enforced and he doesn't want a ticket. Now for his bike rides he sticks to the main roads and heads down to our very busy waterfront area. Very public and keeps me unconcerned about him.

    Now having said all that, if another person up and disappears I think some in our city are going to be rallying for answers from authority as to if its possible someone is at work with bad intent in our region. If that happens, I can see panic as nobody here is accustomed to that kind of risk. I won't personally panic, just be cautious (overly) and keep us all in very public spaces and together etc.

    I hope for the families sakes that these cases get some resolution very soon. I can't imagine as each new person goes missing what must go through their loved ones minds. I can't imagine they wouldn't be all asking the same questions in their mind as I and others in the community are asking.
  17. Star*

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    Matts Mom - BE PREPARED NOW.....not complacent and have the - WELL IF POLICE .....BE ON GUARD NOW - this is too many coincidences. I'm not saying be freaked out or henny penny - but I would absolutely have a heightened state of awareness NOW...and no way would I allow my children to go anywhere by themselves.

    Just my .05 worth but better safe than sorry -
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    For sure Star, I get what you mean. I do have a hieghtened awareness, in not letting S/O take bike path etc. Our guards are up, I think most residents have that guard up. I do hope if there is any more disappearances they make a public statement for people to be mroe aware, cautious etc.

    easy child walks in a group of kids on surrounding streets to and from school since they are all heading there anyhow. Luckily there's only a block to go and its residential and a busy streets. I have no problem walking here to and from though, and if it wasn't year end I'd not think twice. She's my kidlet and nobody best mess with her lol. I'll be extra sure though to ensure the group is passing and she joins them all in the mornings and I will tell her until school end that if the group leaves after school without her to call me and I'll get her. Luckily too on Mon and Thurs her father picks her up for swimming and art classes. And every other Fri too as it is his weekend visits. So often she's never out of sight, even in a group.
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    OKAY GOOD!!!!! THIS BOARD AUNTIE WOULD BE SITTIN RAMBO ------OVER easy child....LOL....(and I look so good in a headband)

    UGH......BE CAREFUL!!!!! HUGS
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    Thanks Star :)

    Authorities just announced there was no foul play with the woman found yesterday.