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    I know I owe my doctors office $85.00 - I haven't made my recheck appointment. because of it. I told them I wouldn't until I could afford to pay them back. In the mean time? Life happens. I've been paying it down $5 here and there as I could. I AM EMBARASSED. Would be an understatement. The usual gal at the window said "At least you are paying something - we have people that owe lots more."

    I'm doing well on my new medications. I feel good, I'm following the new way of eating. I'm supposed to see the doctor in November - no excuses. My prescriptions have run out. Ut oh. I call the pharmacy. They called the doctors office. Doctors office did not call back. Pharmacy says they can "give" me three of each since it's nothing major - Metformin, Aldactone, Welbutrin. (CVS very nice) Tells me to call doctors office maybe I'll have better luck.

    I get the most foul, nasty, nosey, condescending phone person I have ever spoken to in my 45 years of life. I was told I couldn't make a doctors appointment until my outrageous bill was paid, I was told that I guessed the appointment could stay but I would have to pay at least $75 or I couldn't see the doctor that day. I was then told that I couldn't get refills on my prescriptions because the doctor wouldn't refill my prescriptions because I didn't have an appointment and my last appointment was in June. I said - But I'm out of medication. The person said "Well that's not our problem, maybe I can move your appointment up to next week." I said "But I won't have the money to pay the bill by next week and you just said the doctor won't see me if I can't pay off the bill so could I please talk to a nurse?" then the voice said "For WHAT?" I said "Because I want to talk to the nurse." Then the voice said "The nurse is out, you can leave the message with ME. I'll tell the nurse."

    So I said "Could you please tell the nurse I need refills on Metformin." and the voice said "What is that for?" I said "Most times diabetes." "Well what do YOU use it for?" and I said "I don't see where that is any of your business do you?" then the voice said "What else?" I said "Spironolactone." and the voice said "Spell that." and I said "Spir...I don't know- you look it up." and the voice said "What is that for?" I said "Water." and the voice said "Water? to get water?" and I said "Why are you asking me this can't you just pull my chart it's all on there." Voice says "No, I'm not a nurse." UGHHHHHhhhhhhhhh......"What else you said there was another one." and I said "Yes....Bupropion..." .....dead silence "What that for? How do you spell THAT?" I said "Welbutrin...and it's for depression and if I have to continue this conversation with YOU 1 more minute I'm going to have to have an upped dosage. Anything else?" ....voice says...."Well no just that you're not going to get any of these because you don't have an appointment until like three weeks from now....and you owe money."

    I swear to you - I said WHAT EVER.....and said "WHAT IS YOUR NAME?" and the voice said "Thank you I'll give the nurse your message." and I said "OH Adrian....I know your name and YOU are in BIG trouble for talking to ME like this you condescending little twit." and I hung up.

    I have never in 45 years wanted to leave my office and drive to a building and smack someone this badly in my life. The arrogance and the attitude and the 2 snaps up in his little miss attitude voice....UGH.

    So I did the next best thing. I called the credit department and asked them how much I have spent with them in the last 2 years. I got my staggering balance. Thank you Bluecross Blueshield and Carolina Care Plan. Then I asked them what I owedthem currently. Then I asked for the main office manager and explained that I am in the process of a loan remodification, driving a 19 year old car that was on it's last leg, and had my hours cut at work. AND not that it matters, but my emotionally disabled son was moving back home and he had no income and I was doing ALL of this on a lousy $12 an hour job, but would be hunting for a new doctor and would like to know their office procedure for transfering ALL of my records.

    When she said "We don't want to loose you as a customer." I asked HER why Adrian was EVER allowed to "man" the phones and I told her EVERYTHING verbatim that I was just told about being refused service for $85 dollars, and that Adrian feels that I won't get refills for my diabetes medication, and that Adrian feels I don't deserve to be seen by the doctor if I can't pay my bills....and on and on every ugly word, for ugly word. Then I said that in all my 30 years of working in customer service OR construction I have NEVER treated even the worst alcoholic STREET homeless person like he treated me. I couldn't even find one nice thing to say - not even that he was a bit over-zealous about doing his job for the company. I did ask if he got a commission for being a jackass and if so - I bet he's rolling in money.

    She asked me if I trusted HER to take care of the problem that this was not the first complaint, and that it was not just over-zealousness in a position.

    This morning? I got a call from the pharmacy saying my prescriptions were called in by the nurse who was told to call them in by the office manager.
    I got a call from a really nice office gal who asked me if I needed to move my appointment up and not to let the bill be a factor in coming in for medical treatment....that's not why they were there. And then in a whisper....she said (and from all of us here in the office? WE LOVE YOU) And I said curiously - You love me? She said - Adrian has been transferred to the main office for re-training under the supervision of the office managers watchful eye. lol. If he can't get it there? He's gone. Personally - he's not suited for care work...but at least he's not here.

    So I got my prescriptions....I'll keep my appointment with embarassment and pay off as I can, and little mr. Drama will get some much needed job skills so hopefully he won't be so ugly to anyone ever again

    ;) And there is some justice.....finally. Makes me wanna call the main office and ask for Adrian and go ....NEENER NEENER NEENER...or something really grown up. :tongue:
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    The moral of this story?

    Never, NEVER mess with a Warrior Mom.


    Can I borrow you someday???
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    Way to go, Star!!!

    Honestly, I would have probably hung up in tears and just quietly switched doctors. And I'm not easy to intimidate - but that is one area where I feel completely vulnerable: poor and needing health care.

    I'm so glad you stood up. :D
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    Way to go, Star. :DAt least there are some people out there who care.

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    Way to go! Glad things worked out.
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    LOL! Sad to say, they know that your paltry $85 is nothing compared to what they get from BC and the Carolina plan. Money - the great motivator.
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    I'm so proud of you, Starbie!

    I wonder if little 'Adrian' used to work for a collection bureau or something? Sounds really obnoxious! The worst part is that they make it sounds like they speak for the doctor, like they're only saying what they were told to say!
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    Star* call 911

    Just this year alone? What BCBS has spent FOR me in insurance? I could have a REALLY nice car. Instead I'm going to have my really nice smokin' hot self back. :tongue: - (and probably a rusty 10 speed) & killer thighs. I'm greatful!

    Donna, I ASKED too if it was Adrians job to do what he did - and the office manager said very adamently "NO." The ONLY time they are to even mention to a customer/patient their balance is when they are at the checkout window. Even then it is to be done quietly and privately as possible. Adriane was a nosey jerk. Who could not spell. On a power trip. Usurping his authority. Just caught the wrong usurpee. On the wrong PMS day. :alien:

    Good thing for him it wasn't a PMDD day - lol. That could have involved police and bail.
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    You did a wonderful thing, Star! Not only did you stand up for yourself, you stood up for every single patient that Mr. Adrian the Idiot ever abused. He should not ever be allowed a job where he is anywhere near a customer or live human being. Maybe he would be good as an embalmers assistant, but nothing else.

    So many people just roll over when treated like that. It does a body good when someone stands up to them and gets them knocked of their high horse.

    You, my dear, deserve a treat - maybe a nice walk, or a movie and a cuddle with SO, or just to sleep in a little longer on the weekend!
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    Good for you, Star!!
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    :sword: (I bet I know where that sword got stuck! :winks: )
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    I bow at your feet oh great one!!

    I am shipping you a entire tribe of adoring mini sloths to worship you, sing your praises and to inspire you to be defenders of all of us putting up with such lousy services!!!

    I love it!
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    Way To Go Starbie!!! :D :D :D

    I had a similar situation with a doctor office over a, I kid you not, 5 dollar co-pay. I'd not paid it on my last office visit because the medication assistant said it wasn't necessary. I even made her check. Went to get my medications refilled and my monthly blood test........and was told by some snotty sob in the billing dept that I couldn't do either because my family (whole family not just me) were being dropped due to non payment of our bill. When I found out the amt we were being dropped for I came unglued. Yeah, probably a PMS day for me too. lol

    But I hauled butt down to their office and totally went off, I mean OFF.:mad: Mostly cuz I got snotty butt in person before I got the office manage and the doctor himself. Once matter was cleaned up and I had my refills in my hand.......I told doctor I'd be filling out forms to have my records transfered to a new doctor. Anyone who tolerates such my opinion isn't worth my time. I heard via the grapevine snotty butt was fired. Evidently I wasn't the only one.

    Then there was the urologist who did surgery on me when we didn't have insurance. husband was out of work and catching only temp jobs here and there. But I paid on my bill every darn month even if the kids had to go without. A person with kidney disease has GOT to have a urologist. Then husband lost all income at all. I called the office and told them. Business manager wound up being the snotty butt power tripper. Next thing I knew it was sold to a layer who sued us. The judge threw it out of court. We never paid the rest of the bill.:mad:

    I had a doctor (urologist) at one time I owed oh probably 100,000.00 to. Our insurance co most likely paid for his kid's college educations. This was back when the kids were little.......husband and I never had spare money, none. doctor office never bothered me, were always sweet and nice and uber helpful. If for some reason we had spare funds, I'd send them some money.........But no snotty stuff, no threats.........And I had to claim bankruptcy twice on the guy.......and he still kept me as a patient!

    Many people with long term chronic illnesses, especially those requiring lots of medications and treatments, surgeries ect.......have huge outstanding medication bills.......unless they have the most awesome insurance on the planet or make a fortune in their careers. Fact of life. Most docs know this. Caring docs who take their oaths seriously.....don't care at all about the outstanding balance and understand not all patients have fabulous insurance or are independently wealthy. Docs with staff like snotty pants......will not get my business.

    Good for you for sticking up for yourself. But snotty pants power tripper should've been fired, not put on retraining. I'd have an issue with that.

  14. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    He should have known better than to try to go toe-to-toe with you! I'm glad you spoke up and I'm glad the office told you how they really feel about you :D WE love you, too!
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    Way To Go, Star!