Sometimes you have to just say "uncle" and move on


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You know, I admit I spent a few days re-reading the stuff unamed family member and said about me and thought about it. Some of it's true. She mentioned Goneboy. He did leave, however she did not tell anyone that he came here at age six and that it is common for older adoptees not to attach. She said I said my ex was abusive to me. Verbally, yes, but we get along good now. She is offended I bash her sainted mother and I get it. She had a relationship with her and didn't see her ugly, sick side.

Sometimes you really just have to admit that the other person said these things, believes these things about you, writes about them and will keep doing it and move on. I called one of my kids and read them and the kid laughed and said, "She should talk" and gave me a rundown of what she does and did and then asked me to wonder why she and brother have the time to do such a childish thing such as hanging out here to laugh about it.

I do give up.THey're going to do what they want to do. But I don't have to know about it, care about it, or ever have either in my life again so who cares?

It is hard to realize that people who you once loved think your reality is false, but there reality was totally different because of their role in the family. I am rather shocked that brother is immature enough to engage in this, but does it really matter? REALLY?

There are things worth fighting for.

This is not. As my kid said, and it's true, ANYTHING written on the internet can be read by anybody. You don't like that uncomfortable fact, stay off the internet.Take down your FB. Don't blog. Don't post ANYWHERE. This particular child if mine takes that advice seriously and sticks to fun sites that have nothing to do with anything serious.

Everyone needs to remember that even if you block somebody from your FB, there are millions of other computers. There are ways you can be identified. None of us are incognito. Not on FB. Not on Twitter. Not here.

So, with that in mind, and many unwilling to give up their computer sharing sites, sometimes you have to just admit it, say "uncle" and not care.

Hugs to all!!! Have a nice day!!!!


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You are right though, once on the web, its all over, but, we can just learn and move forward. Hang in there!! Many hugs and wonderful days to come :)


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Your truth is your truth. Their truth is their truth. I have 2 siblings. We do not remember the same things about specific events or persons. That is human nature. Who we/they are shape our emotions and memories. Viva la difference.