Son attacks another resident at residential treatment center

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by pasajes4, May 9, 2012.

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    My son attacked another resident at the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) program. I was visiting at the time. My son was not provoked. The young man was actually threatning another young man and my son jumped in rather than letting staff handle it. difficult child is already on probation. I am scheduled for a family session today. I am not sure what the ramifications are going to be. The young man has a knot on his head due to the attack. His parents could file charges. He could be kicked out of the facility. His probation officer could revoke his probation. I am stunned. He went from being calm and happy about getting a pass for a couple of hours to being a I am not sure what. This turning into a continuation of my daily nightmare with this kid. This level of physical agression is quite disturbing.
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    Wow. Good thing that you witnessed it.
    You know, from his way of thinking, it seems as though he was provoked. He witnessed another kid attacking someone else. Either he felt for the underdog, or he got into the adrenaline rush of the attacker. Something there triggered him. It would be extremely useful to know what it was. Still, he's got to learn to use words. And he certainly doesn't know how to break up a fight. There are other ways.
    Not much of a break for you, for sure!
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    I agree with Terry about there being a trigger. Maybe he couldn't handle one being picked on. Maybe their altercation was getting on his nerves and he just wanted it to stop. Whatever it was, logic went out the window. He was "driven" to stop it for some reason and handled it the wrong way...for him. He absolutely needs to use words but is anyone working with him to do that? When I say working I mean actually HELPING him with it, not just writing a goal for him to do it and then documenting if he does or not.

    Sorry both of you are going through this. I'm praying and pretzeling nothing worse comes out of this. As far as I'm concerned, it's just another reason why he needs to be there and not at home.
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    Hopefully, the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) staff saw it. He's there to get help. THEY need to help him find what the triggers are, and why.
    If an Residential Treatment Center (RTC) can't help these kids... who can??