Son back in rehab


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My last post was about my son being homeless ,.I told him I would only help him if he wanted to get help , he ended up reaching out to his dad saying he wanted to go back to the same rehab in Florida. I told his dad have him call & be sure they would give him another chance & they agreed but said this would be his last time, I put him on a greyhound because he could not go on a plane because he lost all his papers, ID , social & birth certificate. Well long story short he’s back at rehab it’s been about a week , he got a job , he got lucky with that cuz all they asked for was his social security number. He seems to be doing ok . He still has alot of problems he needs to fix
1. He missed court back in July when he bought that car in Florida , so I’m thinking he has warrant out there.
2. I believe he can’t get a State ID In Florida without getting arrested. ( not sure if that’s true) if he goes & applies for a Florida ID will they know about the warrant? .
3. I think bounty hunters are looking for him since they are the one that bailed him out and he missed court. All this makes me uneasy but I think he needs to face his problems instead of keep running or he will always be looking over his shoulder.
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I do believe he could be arrested if he goes to get a state ID or license. But either way, he has to clean up his messes and no one is above the law.

They used to call this the "Florida Shuffle". My son would go to different rehabs and sober living when there only because he had nowhere else to live. I always felt hopeful but then he'd screw up and get kicked out over and over. Of course he had very good insurance at that time and many of those places are only in it for the insurance which sickens me.

The only hope that I had is that someone here told me that every time they go they get a little piece of knowledge about addiction and experience new things both good and bad. I think that is what you can hope for for your own son. That eventually some of it will "stick".

Prayers for his safety and your peace. We can only hope and pray that they figure this out for themselves.


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I think he needs to face his problems instead of keep running or he will always be looking over his shoulder.
You wrote your own thread here.

Your son wears me out. While he makes some good moves, because he is so bright and capable and resourceful he has the wherewithal to undue everything so expertly digging himself even deeper.

I believe like you do that having to face the consequences of his flip-flopping will in the long run be better for him. But helpless please prepare yourself for this. Bounty Hunters are serious business. They will find him. He will not evade them forever. He will make a whole lot of drama when he is arrested and he will put you and other family members under extreme pressure to "bail" him out of his problems. He does this time and time again. The key here is that he needs to deal with his problems.

He has no problem creating opportunities and second chances for himself. Witness what he has done over and over again. But every time he ends up in consequences, or has to face his life where he does not have 100 percent control, he bails. He has trouble dealing with 100 percent of the responsibility for himself, which is the undoing of many of us.

I will say it again: the key here is he has to deal with his problems and the consequences of his actions. I urge you to let him handle these, so that he can grow.


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It sounds like he jumped bail. He will have to face this eventually. I’m glad he’s in a treatment center and working again.