Son (difficult child) called tonight wanting to meet tomorrow - threw him out Friday

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    This is a new question for the group. My son (who we kicked out on Friday) has phoned and wants to meet me at the rehab facility where he dropped treatment - saying he needs me to review the legalese info in his withdrawal paperwork. My husband and I firmly believe this is a ploy for him to ask me for money. I had spoken to the rehab center on Friday and the woman said that if a person does not attend, they are dropped from the program automatically.

    He has broken my heart and devastated me with insults and hurtful comments about every perceived misdeed that I might have made in his childhood. If fact, he said I never spent time with him - that I "money" him - not "love" him.

    I honestly don't see our relationship ever mending. He is so hell bent on putting himself in the martyr role.

    Does anyone else ever question whether their relationship with there
    difficult child
    (george foreman grill) will ever be anything close to loving and trusting again?

    I am just so dispirited. And I had asked him to call me this evening to give me info so I can put his car in his name.


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    I am going to read all your threads and will probably answer you on one if you dont mind.