Son discharged from psychiatric hospital - update

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  1. Well, this week has been exhausting. Heck, who am I kidding, the last few weeks have been more than exhausting. Anyway, difficult child was discharged on Tuesday (10/14) from Residential Treatment Center (RTC). That afternoon, I received a call that the doctor wanted him to transition to the partial program at the psychiatric hospital and wanted to know how I felt about that. I told them I didn't have insurance coverage for it, but apparently he is covered by Medicaid until the end of October. Good, I think the transition period will be good. He will tentatively start regular school Nov. 3. While he is in partial, he will be under the care of his regular psychiatrist too, which will be good. Anyway, so far so good, other than difficult child takes forever to go to sleep at night. He started the partial this morning.

    Onto, easy child/difficult child. She has been what appears to be rapid cycling, as well as the anxiety issues. She has missed several days of school last week and several days this week. She isn't sleeping at night. psychiatrist's (sees the same one as difficult child) office called yesterday and said he wanted to see her at 8am this morning. Anyway, psychiatrist confirmed what we were dealing with is rapid cycling which confirms his thoughts that she has bipolar. He said to stop the Prozac immediately because it is just adding fuel to the fire. He said we have 3 options at this point, because he wants to stay away from medications that tend to make you gain weight. Anyway, he said he wanted to try either Trileptal, Abilify or Geodon. We are starting with Trileptal, titrating from 150mg 2x day up to about 600mg. He said we should know by the middle of next week if it is going to work. He wants to see her again next Friday, at that time, he will decide if we need to go to one of the other 2 medications. He said he wants to get her stabilized quickly.

    I talked to psychiatrist about the 504 plan meeting scheduled for next week for easy child/difficult child. He said he thought it was great to get it in place, in case needed, but he is hoping to get her stabilized so she can attend school.

    Anyway, I am at work now, so I guess I had better earn my paycheck.