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    I was posting here during the summer as my son's behavior declined into 3 arrests, 2 expulsions, 4 visits from the sherrif PERT team; all before he was 15! Being on probation seemed to help a lot; since then he did come home drunk once and steal some prescriptions twice and got two tattoos but all that seems to have slowed to, seemingly, nothing. We moved neighborhoods, he switched "schools" (ind study since he's expelled), went on medication, did counseling and, in the middle of this mess I met a wonderful guy. We got married in January and difficult child has really taken to having a step-dad (he never had a dad); they do guy stuff and "team up" against me when we're deciding what to eat, etc. difficult child has not done anything stupid since we got married which is 3 months tomorrow. We are still pretty vigilant but signs of his real personality are coming back, he sometimes actually volunteers to help around the yard and is much more stable and cheerful and he's even mentioned going to jr college. Just checking back to let everyone know not to give up hope, things looked flat out hopeless for me at several points, about three years of hell, but things CAN change and I hope they do for everyone else on here as well :)
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    What a wonderful update, I'm smiling ear to ear. I'm thrilled your difficult child seems to be settled down and comfortable with your husband. This gives us all hope.

    Thank you for sharing.
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    That is terrific! Thank you for posting. I am so happy about your wedding, too - what a blessing!

    I hope your son stays on course, and I'm glad the influence of his stepdad, the stability at home as well as the therapy is keeping him level. Hope he continues to improve - it's so nice to get them "back."
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    That's wonderful news!
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    That's an awesome update and Congrats on your marriage!

    I think having a step dad who really really cares, and is obviously very interested in forming a bond with your son, can make such a difference.

    When I was around 13...I started acting out and drinking...very depressed about not having a dad, I had never met him and my parents split up when I was 2 yrs old. I didn't have any problems with the law perse' but it was a different time and I was a girl. But when I turned 14, my mother had met a woman who became our "roommate". My mother and I both agree to this day that the roommate helped save our relationship and I too became much more stable even with undxd Bipolar Disorder.

    Anyway, I hope the good news continues! :)
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    Thanks for sharing, it's wonderful to read good news. It gives us all hope. Congratulations on your wedding, seems like it was a win/win/win...........