Son getting out


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Those who followed my post know about my sons past & how he’s been in Juvenile Detention, well after long discussions with my husband, he will get released & move back in with us Monday . I am very anxious & praying things go well , we will lay down all the rules & I did tell him if does not follow them , he will have to leave. I been waiting for this day but now that it’s here , I’m so scared . Not scared that he will do harm to us but just scared of uncertainty.


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Hello HelplessReply

I am thrilled for you and for your son. Nobody knows what tomorrow will bring. We can only have our intention and then pray. I am so very happy and pleased for you that you were able to work this out with your husband. I think that will be key, that the two of you communicate constantly and work together, a process you've already started.


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Thinking of you today. Please let us know how it goes.

They did not release him , which was unexpected. Theres 2 judges that he sees for different cases, the Judge today could not give the ok to release him , so we are hoping the other judge he will be able see this week & give the ok to release . I will keep you updated.


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Oh boy.

Not sure if that's good or bad.

Keep us posted. We're here for you girl!