Son goes from doing ok to violent outbursts

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Kjs, Jun 20, 2011.

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    Such a roller coaster ride. Although I must admit there are many more better times than worse. Knock on wood.

    difficult child got a job. He is enjoying it right now. But this job is 15 miles away, and since he crashed his car he must depend on others. Not always good.

    School has been out one week. :) I dislike school. He is on track to graduate at semester next year. He will start his senior year at age 16, and graduate one month after he turns 17. He needs 3 credits to graduate. He see's the light. He is interested in college, but I am not. If he doesn't do his work in High School, how would he do it in College??? He has always since the day he walked into school, disliked it. And he also never did his work. Not until a week before grades come out. He is very smart, but not doing work is not very smart. Our county lowered the graduation requirements from 26 to 23. This does NOT affect his class. It will affect class of 2013 and on. If it would of affected his class he would not need any further credits.

    Almost all of the arguments/fights in this house with difficult child are between difficult child and myself. husband has stepped in at times but usually it made things worse because he is only trying to stop and not trying to help.

    I witnessed last week difficult child push him and he almost fell. difficult child flew off the handle and we have no idea why. Started yelling and swearing and husband walked over to him and he swore and pushed him. He almost fell. husband has bad knees and bad back and limps,,,,when I saw that I told difficult child to get out. Just get out.

    Most of the time when we fight I ground him and make him stay. This time I said get out. Locked the doors and told him not to come back. He was with his girlfriend. Her mother picked them up. He called and spoke to husband. He wanted to speak to me. I refused. girlfriend's mom drove him over and waited. He yelled at me. I just told him do not put me in this. He yelled and cried. I walked away. I was so upset over what I saw him do. I normally do not SEE this. Being IN the arguement....I don't SEE. This time I was able to SEE. Very dissappointed. I was very let down. Knowing that even when things are going ok with can change in a second. And I don't know why.

    But for now, he is working. Getting his own pay check has made him see spending money differently. He likes his job and at I hope it stays that way. A new store is opening in a near by town. One opened in our town but he got hired for the new one that is opening. He has learned all the item codes, setting up the store. Working hard this week for grand opening next week. Likes his boss and his co-workers (that's a plus) They ask him to make the labels for the shelves and the signs because he is so good on the computer :)

    They did a Hair folicle drug test. Only drug that showed was vicodin from his Oral surgery (Wisdom Teeth a month earlier). So I am very happy that I know for certain he doesn't do drugs. Once he provided proof that he had a prescription it was considered a negative test.

    Hope everyone enjoyed their father's day weekend.
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    I'm glad to hear that difficult child got a job and he really like it - that is a huge positive step!

    Sorry to hear about the other stuff going on with difficult child - I think that is the hallmark of a difficult child - they can go from respectful and fine to violence or freaking out in about 20 seconds. Not cool what he did to husband.

    No words of wisdom but I hope that maybe difficult child will learn some new people skills in his new job and start dealing with those who disagree with him a little bit better.
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    So glad to hear he has a job! Scary what he did to your husband. Hugs.
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    I do think it is very encouraging that he has a job! That is fantastic.