Son has an appointment for another counseling center on Friday, 3/27

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    Hello all! I hope everyone is well.

    When the police came to have my son surrender his keys last Thursday (this was before last Saturday's police & crisis drama), my son had called (more against his wishes) a counseling center here in town. They told him they would call within a week or so. Well, the call happened to come when I was home for lunch on Thursday afternoon.

    This is a place that has counseling, substance abuse and co-occuring disorders treatment. They don't take insurance, but since my son is currently not working; his fee for counseling would only be $5 (sliding scale). They do have medication management; but the only thing that worries me is that medications are prescribed by a Nurse Practitioner (if need be). Their clinicians are Masters-Level. I don't believe they have a psychiatrist. This place is literally 7mins from our home. So, my son will hopefully go to this appointment on Friday and I will accompany him. This past Monday, when we went to another counseling center for a screen -- he had signed a release to give me access to his treatment information. I believe he is willing to do this again, this coming Friday. We won't be going back to the center we went to on Monday. The screening was only 10mins long and they don't have a psychiatrist, nor do they give out medication. It's also 40mins away and it would be hard to monitor his comings and goings for treatment.
    The screening this coming Friday is about 21/2 hrs long, which makes sense to me.

    I had left the phone numbers (on Thursday) of another counseling center in town (covered by insurance) that DOES have a psychiatric, & medication-management, along with IOP treatment and Residential Treatment, but they ONLY do group counseling. They have no individual counseling. My son called, but when they said "group therapy" he did not make an appointment. Many counselors over the years stated to me that my son would benefit from individual counseling and that with group; he may be resistant to it. He is....

    I also gave him the number of the home improvement business that wants him to come in for a 2nd interview. He did call them as well. He told me he called -- they asked him to call back (they were in the middle of interivews) and he actually DID call back again later that day. I believe his interview is Monday. However, at this point -- I don't know if he is 'stable' enough to work. In the past, he's had work and just slept through and did not go. His sleep patterns have been somewhat normal over the past week -- getting up at 8am and going to bed by 11:30. On Wednesday evening, he fell asleep at 10:30 and was up at 8am on Thursday.

    Sorry for the long post -- I guess this place on Friday is a start (hopefully). They've been in town since the 70's. My only concern is in regard to the Nurse Practitioner; I've never heard of a NP administering medications in relation to psychiatric needs. We'll see what happens - he may not go, but also he knows that us asking him to leave is a strong possibility if he does not seek treatment.

    Thanks for listening and I hope everyone has a blessed day.
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    I am gonna be honest here. If he will go to therapy, actually do therapy...I dont care if a monkey listens to that therapist and writes that script!
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    Oh Janet!!

    I am laughing hysterically!!! Yeah, well -- I guess you have a point! Whether it be a monkey, donkey or ardvark writing it; a script is a script! LOLOL

    On a serious note; I don't know if he'll do it or even stick with it. I think he is still smoking pot (has to be -- failed drug screen on Monday and levels were high). He's in denial and he just may not go to the appointment.However, in the event he DOES go -- he would most likely be drug-screened weekly or every fews weeks in conjunction with his therapy. We shall see......One can only hope.
    He is a PITA!

    Thanks for making me laugh!
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    My son was seeing an NP for medications for Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and ADHD. I thought she was better than the psychiatrist my difficult child was seeing. She spent a lot more time with him and seemed to really care. The psychiatrist wasn't so great...
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    I used an NP for several years. She was fabulous......Did a great job with my medications and really listened to me.
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    I have psychiatric problems. I like NP's more than doctors. They spend more time with you, seem to know as much, and helped me A LOT. I worked at a hospital once and the nurse's do all the (well, not surgery!). A NP has to have A LOT of education. I would just rejoice that your son seems willing to admit he has problems and is trying to get help. He is still young and he could turn it all around (my daughter did--it can happen).
    Janet, you are a RIOT!!!!! I almost spit coffee on my screen :)

    Dollhouse (((hugs))) take care of yourself too while you support your child. You need to be healthy for both him and everyone else who loves you and for yourself.