Son hitting me this morning...

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Confused, Apr 5, 2014.

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    because I raised my voice after 20 minutes of his non stop begging me to go out and play and go down to grandfathers house with me. I didnt yell, just raised my voice because no matter where I went he followed. So yes I was wrong but after I said "No" because my grandfather just got over that viral thing going around and my son had it the last couple days,my grandfather can easily get it back with his low immune system. He hit me on my arm real hard and when I started to turn towards him he hit me again.. so yes, I lightly tried to hold his hands down to stop him from hitting me, so I lightly tapped his butt and he kept hitting me. He stopped to slam the door I left to the next room.

    Its a chain reaction because his sis wouldnt watch him ( she was mad she wasnt getting fast food again today- and is well.. annoyed by her brother anyways) while I needed to make my gpa lunch, dad was at coffee so I called him back and he was upset over stopping his coffee call. Well my grandpa was upset because I was taking to long to get there and doesnt believe the pills has really helped in the months he said " it was because you and your father just didnt argue with him". Well, when he was on his pills we rarely had to argue the way we did before and now ...and the violence was down! So I don't know how im gonna get those pills in his system, but boy, sadly ( still feel guilty having to give it to him) I have to because hes out of control always saying we want him to die now... ( we dont and I have no clue where or why hes saying that) Uggh.. hope your alls weekend are better! Easter break is coming then summer.. Im trying to plan for summer...
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    Confused-I'm sorry your weekend has been so stressful. Your difficult child sounds similar to mine when he was younger. Mine still non stop begs but if I do finally raise my voice he won't hit me; he will, however, scream a ton of verbal garbage my way. Not happy with either but glad he is past the physical stuff (praying it does not return).
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    Sorry, I am confused by what pill and who is getting the pill?

    Violence has to be a line crossed. Safety and violence should be the show stoppers where all else stops until they are addressed. Sit him down now and be sure you both know exactly what will happen if he raises his hand to you again. Plan it all out ahead of time.

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    Thanks Wiped Out, Im glad your son is doing better and Ill pray for you as well that the violence doesnt come back.

    busywend- sorry , I deleted all that off my sig. My son gets 20mg Vyvanse in the morning and O.1mg Clonidine..( 1 pill 3 times a day.. 1/4 am, 1/4 afternoon and half pill before bed) Dr told me at son's appointment last week to make it 1 pill instead of half before bed. Originally he was on Adderall 5mg then 10 mg but the 10mg caused extreme violence/ irritability so he changed it to the Vyvanse.( My son was doing better academically on the 10mg). Although this dose is helping as the 5mg adderall did, I feel its a little low. But, maybe with the increase in Clonidine it will even out.
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    How's it going, Confused? Are you on a routine with-the medications yet? I'm hoping that since it's been two weeks since this post, that things are better.
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    Sadly no medications yet because he has this cough he cant shake and the mixture of nebulizer treatments and adhd medications races his heart to much so... I have to kick the cough. But Soon!!! He is sooo loving and in charge caring and helping for a short and out of no where he gets mad ( sometimes its out of the smallest thing or the word no) and yikes! But I believe in a couple days he will be ok to take them. Thanks 4 asking :)